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The Ladies Dish Podcast #33: Travel Tips & Tricks

Travel hacks for your next trip whether its via car or plane and short or long, we’ve got you covered. The ladies share all their tips to make traveling as easy breezy as possible. || Full show notes & chia jam recipe at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast!

Updates (1:10): Dana’s baby shower was over the weekend! Baby girl is almost here!!

Shoutout to Kate’s Mindfull Makeover beta ladies!! Kate hopes to do another FULL launch in September if you weren’t able to join the beta group! Also heads up, Kate will be running another 21DSD group in October, so plan accordingly if you wanted to do a 21DSD this year!

For any local listeners to Joy (Philly area) – Joy and Nadia, the lovely owner of Prana House Yoga,are hosting an awesome program this summer at the studio (with daily online support) called Harmonize Your Habitat. It’s a 7-week practice to creating a life you love - we will be teaching and guiding you through a new habit each week. Things like sleep, decluttering, hydration, self care, daily detoxing – as a way to learn some practical tools to help you feel more connected, grounded and really just taken care of and LESS STRESSED. The group kicks off this Thursday, July 7th - so there’s still time to sign up! Find out more info here:

Interview Game Question (6:28) If you could make any large animal mini-sized and keep it as a pet, which animal would it be?

What animal would you choose? A giraffe, monkey, elephant, a blue whale?

Speaking of Kate’s dream mini-pet….have you ever seen this dog dressed as a lion?! Hahaha

What’s Cookin’? (9:23)

Kate shares the recipe this week with what she claims is “the easiest recipe in the whole world” -- Chia Jam! Get the recipe here!

Today’s Topic: Travel Tips & Tricks (11:04)

Airport travel: 1. Bring an empty water bottle you can fill after security.

2. Bring food with you! Joy suggests jerky, nuts/seeds, trail mix, fruit, plantain chips, chocolate bar (Joy loves Taza and her husband loves TJ’s Honey Mints). Canned sardines, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken are all things that can be eaten on their own or on top of a plain salad you could purchase at an airport vendor. Kasadrinos, a brand we LOVE, sells travel size bottles of olive oil that are totally plane-travel friendly and great to use for diy dressing on the road.

Kate suggests RX Bars, Thunderbird bars, and Larabars.

Dana suggests some mixed nuts or a protein bar that doesn’t have tons of sugar. If you’ve got more options and need more food because you’ve got a longer flight, go to a restaurant or food counter and grab a salad or maybe a hummus plate with some veggies and pita bread.

Car travel (20:08):

Joy shares her best tip: google map the closest Whole Foods to find one on the way to snag a meal. Whole Foods has hot and cold buffets with a great selection of healthier options and they tag all their prepared foods on the buffet so you know all the ingredients!

When Kate travels by car she will map out her route first. It makes it a lot easier to know I have a plan. I write down several options all 30 minutes apart so I have a range cause I usually go further than I think I’m going to go before stopping.

Dana suggests Investing in a small cooler and pack healthy snacks that you can easily eat on the go. My favorites: cut up fruit, salami and cheese, hummus and veggies. Or stop at places that are familiar to you (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle) and get food that your body is familiar with and that you know is safe and will agree with you!

Accommodations (25:12):

Look for a hotel room or place to stay that at least has a small kitchenette or a full kitchen set up. OR try out an Air BnB rental like Kate and Joy did in Austin! This gives you the option of being able to make some of your meals and have drinks and snacks ready to go for the day.

Staying with people who don’t eat the same (28:47):

Volunteer to go food shopping if it’s important to you! It’s also great to offer to cook something for the group that fits into your real food lifestyle and share it with your friends/family!

Eating out while traveling (31:13):

Look for a food markets in different citys like Philly Reading Terminal Market, Baltimore Lexington Market or Cross Street Market, Seattle Pike Place. Taste the local flavor and it’s a spot that has something for EVERYONE!

Remember: ENJOY! Try not to stress about the food on vacation. It’s about relaxing and experiencing, not restricting and obsessing.

The ladies share what their favorite non-food related travel essentials are (34:34)

Joy’s favorites: an eye mask, a good book from her “to-read list” & a mophie phone charger.

Kate’s favorites: audiobooks & podcasts (download before you go!) and her journal.

Dana’s favorites: her Pillow case, HCl and digestive enzymes.

Before travel tips (40:20):

Joy realized that she ALWAYS gets sick when she plane travels – kicking up your immune support BEFORE travel and during travel is especially important. Her approach includes lots of healthy veggies and bone broth as well as the following supplements: Garden of Life Raw Code Vitamin C, Host Defense immune support and Elderberry syrup!

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Travel Tips & Tricks | The Ladies Dish

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