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The Ladies Dish #40: Dishing With Diane Sanfilippo Of Balanced Bites

The ladies chat with special guest DIANE SANFILIPPO this week! We dish all about her upcoming book: Practical Paleo 2nd Edition, overcoming adrenal fatigue, mindset and confidence || Full show notes & links at the | Get in

Welcome to the Ladies Dish Posdcast! IN THIS EPISODE

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Diane is the Owner & Founder of Balanced Bites. She’s a Certified Nutrition Consultant. The New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox; and co-author of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. she's also the co-host of the awarding winning podcast The Balanced Bites Podcast. This was definitely one of the podcasts that motivated us to get started!

Welcome to The Ladies Dish, Diane!!!

1. We know that many people, including some of our listeners, refer to your book “Practical Paleo” as the “paleo bible.” All three of us use and recommend your book to friends, family, and clients. Can you tell us how the book came to be and what inspired you to write it four years ago? (4:15)

2. Kate and Joy attended PaleoFx this year, as did you and there were talks about the future of paleo - we especially enjoyed the State of the Union panel. We’re curious where you see the future of the paleo movement going and how do you see the stereotype of the paleo caveman changing? (10:48)

3. Many of our listeners know, the second edition of Practical Paleo is coming out on September 6. Did the changes you saw in the paleo world inspire you to update the book? Were you considering writing a whole new book? (16:37)

4. Can you just share what’s new and different about the 2nd edition? (20:00)

Check out Diane’s blog post all about WHAT’S NEW!

5. Our most popular shows have been our episodes about adrenal fatigue, detoxing and hormone health. Our listeners would really benefit from hearing a little more about your story with adrenal fatigue, especially how you managed to handle go through the same situation of writing a book and kept yourself healthy. (29:40)

6. In a recent Instagram post, you shared that you were starting a new macros meal plan and wrote, “I don’t do this because I don’t like myself, I do this because I love myself and I love to experiment and find what works for me more and more over time.” We love this outlook and mindset...but we know that it’s a hard place for people, women and our listener’s especially, to get to. Do you think there’s a process someone goes through to reach this balance? Was it something you always had or do you think you’ve grown into this well-balanced approach? (41:43)

7. Who is your favorite NY housewife? (49:50)

Grab a copy of Practical Paleo 2nd Edition!

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Dishing With Diane Sanfilippo Of Balanced Bites | The Ladies Dish

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