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The Ladies Dish #70: Listener Qs on Feeling Lonely, Sticking to Habits, & Food Ruts

Today we answer listener questions about feeling lonely and left out when you change your habits and interests and your friends don’t; how to stick to healthy eating habits long-term and how to get out of a food rut and find inspiration in the kitchen | Full show notes at the | Get in touch:


We’ve gotten some feedback that you don’t know how to leave a review for your fave podcasts! Thanks to Kate – we know have a page that shows you how: – you can follow the directions to leave a review on your computer or phone. We’d love you forever and for always!

The Ladies Dish is scaling back a bit! We’ll be releasing episodes every OTHER Tuesday. We feel it’s the best way to handle all of our new normal routines without giving up the podcast completely. Don’t forget to go to to submit questions or even just topics you want to hear more about!

Links from the Show:

Mel Joulwan's Well Fed and Well Fed 2

Cassy Joy's Fed + Fit

Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook

Diane Sanfilippo's Practical Paleo

Feeling Lonely, Sticking to Habits, and Food Ruts | The Ladies Dish

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