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Stop it! Muscle DOES NOT Weigh More Than Fat

This post is sparked by a pet peeve of mine. The good ol' "Muscle weighs more than fat" myth. Ahh, the math teacher in me cringes! Maybe its the fact that most people never liked math growing up and forgot to pay attention in middle school math/science class!? (...or the distractions like the cute boy sitting 2 rows up?) Whatever the reason, let's clear this up :)

Weight. Volume.

These are two different things and when it comes to our physique, they are also very different. In very simple terms:

Weight, whatever way you measure it, is just the amount of force placed on an object due to gravity; the relationship of the object with the Earth.

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.

What people mean to say is that "Muscle takes up less volume than fat" <<< but see, that is not as fun to market!

1 Pound of Fat = 1 Pound of Muscle. (And 5 Pounds of Fat = 5 Pounds of Muscle)

I LOVE this picture for the visualization.....

.....BECAUSE it also demonstrates the VOLUME scenario. See how much more SPACE the fat takes up? THAT is why you should use measurements (chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs....whatever and however many spots on your body!) to gauge success and not just the scale. (Although I will ALWAYS argue you should use Non-Scale Victories and how you FEEL first and foremost). It is also why people believe muscle weighs more than fat because as they tone, strengthen, and build muscle, the number of the scale may go UP instead of down.

Don't let that scale control you ~ You are way more than that number! And now way smarter ;)

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