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3.28.16: Be Gentle

This week, I turn 28.

This summer, we have our 10 year HS reunion.

So naturally, I am thinking a lot about where I am...and where I "thought" I would have been by now...and it has been hard.

At 28, I thought my life would look and feel vastly different.

But I have also realized that different doesn't mean worse. It can be a lateral shift. It's just...different.

It sounds like a cliche with the "so blessed" posts that people throw up on their social media feeds, but I really do believe that I am so very blessed. I have an incredible amount of support and so many amazing people in my life. I am constantly reminded of this and I do go to sleep with a full & grateful heart each night.

So I'm reminding myself, and you, this week to BE GENTLE with yourself.

Count your blessings. Hold close your accomplishments. Learn from your mistakes. Be open to change. Embrace opportunities. Hope for the future.

Be Gentle

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