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4.11.16: Action Inspires Confidence and Courage.

Happy Monday, friends!

Action inspires confidence and courage.

Last week, my husband and I packed up our life from Orlando and moved to Tampa. We made the decision to move, find an apartment, pack, and actually move in less than 10 days. While it was choas at that time, I'm glad we did it so quickly. Sometimes dragging these things on and on is just painful.

Then, it got me thinking about how many items I have on my "back burner."

Ideas, projects, tweeks, redesign, emails, "frogs" (if you have read Eat That Frog, you know what I'm talking about!)

Sometimes it is just about taking that first step. Saying yes and sticking to it.

Moving forward with something scary is hard, especially if you are not a great "self-starter" aka you need someone there to push your forward...BUT once you take that first step, you build your confidence and you build your courage.

And sometimes you find that it's just a flop.

This week, push away the roadblocks and the "what-ifs" and just take some action. See what happens!

And be proud of yourself for moving forward :)

xo, Kate

PS - I have some of my own frogs to eat this week...including quite a few blog posts I've been meaning to get up! Taking my own advice and just going for it this week! Check back soon ;)

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