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4.25.16: Energy doesn't lie.

Do you ever wake up and just KNOW something? Like, you have that FEELING?

The VIBES are being sent in your direction...

Seriously, this is how I work! I can't force myself to do specific aspects of my business anymore...I have to let that energy come to ME.

Sounds crazy, I know, but I've been trying to surrender and just "go with the flow" and it has been such a better ride.

TRUST ME...if you are a Type A, perfectionist, control freak like I am/was...this is not easy.

BUT I said to myself...ok, I'm going to just wave the white flag for a month and see what happens. Try to let go of expectations and hard set goals and ride the waves, and it has been rather amazing to see how (a) productive (b) creative (c) relaxed I was during the process.

So for today/this week...try to just trust the energy and the vibes that you get! See where they lead you :)

Have a wonderful week!


Energy doesn't lie

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