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5.2.16: I have what I need.

Happy first day of the 21-Day Sugar Detox to all my group detox-ers!

Today's mantra is for YOU.

Remember throughout this journey that you HAVE what you need to succeed in the program. I am there to be a guide and to help you when you have questions, but when it comes to the decision making and the food choices, YOU are the one that gets to choose...and your body knows what it needs!

This is also true in life...kinda like the Wizard of Oz...haha! Stay with me here.

The scarecrow, tin man, lion, and Dorothy all had themselves convinced that they had to "get" something magical from the Wizard...when really, they had everything they needed already.

What they were really missing was self-confidence.

You have what you need.

I have what I need

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