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5.23.16: You Can Do Hard Things

Well, my May edition of the 21-Day Sugar Detox is OVER! The ladies were AMAZING. Dedicated. Inspiring. and FUN!

Yesterday, I asked how they were feeling, here were some of the 1-word responses:

  • In control

  • Consistent

  • Great

  • Proud

  • Accomplished

  • Amazing

  • Healthy

  • Satisfied

  • Confident

  • Focused

  • Committed

  • Excited

  • Grateful

It got me thinking. One of the top reasons I hear from people who "want" to do the detox say, "It would be too hard."

I totally get it! The THOUGHT of doing something hard is utterly intimidating and uncomfortable.

But those moments of intimidation and being uncomfortable...and PUSHING THROUGH THEM...bring the biggest senses of accomplishment and joy.

They make you grow, learn, struggle, and ultimately win.

I felt this way about the 1/2 marathon I ran. I was never a runner, nor did I ever want to be. BUT I was having a tough year and I wanted to prove to myself that I could set a goal, put my mind to it, and crush it.

The feeling of crossing my first 1/2 finish line is hard to put into words.

Doing something hard looks different for everyone.

Maybe it's the detox, a race, going to the gym, flying on an airplane, making that phone call, forgiving someone...

But I promise you, you can do the hard things.

You deserve to let your capability shine. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

Yes, you can do hard things.

Happy Monday!

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