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9.26.16: Be at Peace

"peace comes from within" - buddha

when i meet someone who is at peace, i'm instantly drawn to them. perhaps because this is something i am always working on and i so desperately crave.

as i thought about it, there are so many elements to being at peace.

peace in your body. peace in your relationships. peace in your job. peace in your home. peace in your responsibilities.

it's actually quite complex and overwhelming.

i have started to try to improve in this area by becoming at peace in one area at a time. for me, being at peace in my relationships seemed the easiest as so i started there.

i did so by letting go of expectations. of simply being happy and joyful to have the relationship with _____ and accept them fully as who they are and what they enjoy. it was actually very simple and when i committed to it fully, even easy!

and once i felt at peace in this area, it seemed easier to move on to another.

this week, try to be at peace in ONE area of your life and see what joy it brings you!

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