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Event Makeup Look

I'm not a makeup artist. In fact, I'm not great at makeup or hair at all. Yet, I figured I'd share a video of me doing my makeup for our daughter's baptism because I don't dress up much these days unless we have an event. This took me about 15 minutes.

I recorded it using timelapse on my phone and had no clue how quickly it would go - it's speedy! So I've included all the products I used below, plus a before and after picture.

I've also included the rating of each product. This is a FANTASTIC resource if you are curious how your makeup products rank in terms of safe ingredients. A reason I use Beautycounter and have become a consultant with the company to support their mission: to get safer products in the hands of everyone. This tool from the Environment Working Group is a great resource to support that mission!


1. It! Cosmetics Brow Pencil

I've had this forever and will transition after it runs out! The old formulation ranked a 4 - boo! But there hasn't been an update with the new formula.

Ranks 2 for the old formulation. This is life saving!

4. Beautycounter Winter Dream Palette

No rank available for the palettes since they are a combination of products. This specific palette was available around the holidays last year and I LOVE it. They currently have a new palette out that people are raving about called the Ocean & Pacific Palette. I'll include rankings based on other generic Beautycounter components.

6. L'Oréal Eyeliner in Black

Ranks 4 - I had the Beautycounter eyeliner (Ranks 1 and top EWG product) and I loved it, but lost it in the hospital during delivery - oops! - and haven't placed a new order.

Ranks 1 and top ranking product on EWG. Since it is on my lips and I'm sure to ingest some, I was super happy to see these great reviews.

8. Tarte Mascara

Ranks 4, but this is not the exact mascara I have which was not available on the site.


EVEN BETTER...Beautycounter has just released a new "5-Minute Face" kit which includes:

1. Foundation

2. Concealer

3. Brow Pencil

4. Mascara

5. Blush

6. Gloss

... everything I used above!

Even though I'm cautious and care about the safety of my products, I still have 3 products I used for my "event" makeup that rank over a 2 (I try to find products ranked 1 or 2). With the new products Beautycounter just launched (Mascaras and 5-Minute Face), I'll be under 2 for everything!

What's in your makeup case? Use the EWG App to scan your products or look them up at

Interested in trying safer beauty products from Beautycounter? I'm happy to help! Shoot me an email with your needs and we will get you set up with some safer products you will love, too!

Here's my before & after from the products above! Sans filter, obviously ;)

Beautycounter Before and After Makeup

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