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The Ladies Dish Podcast #22: Our Favorite Natural Beauty Products – Part Two

Want the inside scoop on our daily beauty routines? The ladies also answer listener questions about natural beauty products. || Full show notes & apple cinnamon grain-free porridge at the | Get in touch:

IN THIS EPISODE: Welcome to The Ladies Dish Podcast!

Catching Up (00:58) Kate moved to TAMPA!!! And she’s loving the sunshine and finding new places to eat and hang out. But we are ALL enjoying the sunshine these days. It’s amazing what a little spring weather can do to your mood!

Check out PART ONE of this series here to see our FAVE beauty products!

Kate is giving a LAST CALL to her 21DSD group for the month of May. Click here to sign up!

Kate is also restructuring her client consult packages: check out her new offerings here:

Joy has a project in the works….keep your eyes and ears peeled. 😉

And DANA – finds out THIS WEEK if they are having a boy or a girl – what do you think?!

Interview Game Question (5:30): This interview game question was from Disher Diana: There is an overabundance of tips for a healthy lifestyle out there. What are your personal 1 or 2 healthy changes that had greatest impact? In the busy life, what changes are worth your time, money, efforts? The ones you would not live without?

Turns out we were all on the same page for what our top tips are for Diana – have a listen to hear what we have to share!!

If you have a question or fun fact you want to know about your three LDP hosts, send via email to OR leave a comment on Instagram!

What’s Cookin’? (14:48)

Joy shares another recipe PERFECT for a bowl – try her apple cinnamon grain-free porridge by grabbing the recipe here. And hey – it’s good hot OR cold!

Listener Questions (16:55)

1. We each share our individual beauty routines on a day-to-day basis.

Let us know what works for you!

Joy added a couple new products in her line up – Seaweed Bath Co. Shampoo & Conditioner – so far, so good!

2. How can you tell that the products you are choosing are free of chemicals and toxins that can harm your body? What should you look for? (31:12)

Make sure your products DO NOT have the following ingredients: • Parabens • Phthalates • Sulfates • Petrolatum • Proplene glycol • Butylene glycol • Acrylamide • Phenol • Formaldehyde • Heavy metals (aluminum, lead, etc) • Paraffin • Triclosan (antibacterial) • Surfactants (SLS, SLES, etc) • Chemical preservatives (ex. Sodium Benzoate) • Synthetic fragrances (stick with essential oils only) • No synthetic colors (yellow #5 - found in Philosophy products) • No animal testing (look for the cruelty free logo with the little bunny on the back) And of course, using the EWG’s Skin Deep app will help you evaluate products when you’re at the store with the scan feature!

3. How long do products last? (35:53)

4. What is your thoughts on natural deodorants (kinds you like and also how long is too long to wait for the “breaking in period” before maybe trying another natural brand? How long does the detoxing armpit take? (40:00)

Here’s a link to Joy’s article if you want to try an armpit detox yourself!

Dana and Kate chat about Dr. Mist which was recommended by one of our NTC Instructors!

5. I need a great nontoxic mascara option for my blonde eyelashes - I haven’t discovered one yet. They either do not provide dramatic coverage or they are not long wearing...I like a full feathery eye without resorting to Latisse or false lashes, if that make sense. I do not mind finding less toxic alternatives, but they have to work. (45:25)

Check out Lydia’s post with a HUGE list of natural mascara options!

A few more natural beauty and skincare resources that we LOVE: • Liz Wolfe of -- wrote the Purely Primal Skincare guide & she does Skinscare Saturdays. She also has a ton of great blog posts about natural skincare! •Toxic Home Makeover by Megan of Ginger Newtrition and Alex of Dig Primal. It’s a free guide full of tips on how to make your entire life less toxic from beauty products to the water you drink to the air you breathe in your home. The best part is it’s FREE!

We’ve been adding bloopers to the end of the shows from time to time. Here’s picture proof of one of this week’s blooper reel!

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Our Favorite Natural Beauty Products – Part Two | The Ladies Dish

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