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The Ladies Dish Podcast #29: Paleo F(X) Recap

Kate and Joy are back from Paleo(fx) in Austin and giving you all the insider information about their favorite vendors, presentations and their biggest take aways. || Full show notes & fruit salsa recipe at the theladiesdish.com/ldp29 | Get in touch: theladiesdish@gmail.com

IN THIS EPISODE! Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast

Catching Up (2:00) Kate got retested for her adrenals and parasite recently and she got her results! She’s a little disappointed but also happy to see her immune system is actually fighting the bad bugs. Functional Medicine is something we talk about later in the show if you’re interested in looking into something with more diagnostic testing.

Kate also has BIG NEWS! Her upcoming program, Mindfull Makeover, will be running a beta group in July. There will be very limited number of slots so if you’re interested in joining the group, sign up for Kate's enewsletter list!

Joy got Invisalign….it should be an adventure.

Joy added a recipe section to her website! Her latest recipe is an Old Bay sweet potato fries which are DELISH! Check them out here:www.joybirdwellness.com/recipes

Dana says you gotta follow Joy on snapchat to see what she’s cooking on a day-to-day basis. Joys snapchat name is: Joy.Scott

Follow Kate and Dana on Snapchat, too at kmm810 and danamdwyer!

Joy is co-hosting an upcoming program with Nadia at Prana House Yoga called Harmonize Your Habitat. This 7-week program will have a different focus habit each week that builds on the last - to create a life you love! We'll be looking at things like sleep, hydration, decluttering and more. These are the life hacks we all need to embrace for a more centered, grounded day and to really feel taken care of. You won't want to miss it!

The program will kick off on June 23rd with weekly meetings on Thursday nights - however if you can't make it, don't worry! We'll have a private facebook group for daily check ins and to share all the content. Sign up info coming... If you are interested, contact Joy at joy@joybirdwellness.com!

Listener Review (8:26)

Thanks to MakDan1 for leaving as a glowing review on iTunes: “I honestly look forward to listening to this podcast any chance I get. These ladies are so fun together, but also extremely knowledgeable. Hearing them talk just makes me want to sit down to chat and be best friends with all three of them. As I’ve been doing the Paleo diet for the last 2 ½ years, this show has revived my love and motivation for it and all things health."

Interview Game Question (9:24):

Do you have any hidden talents?

Joy makes cranes – like the 1,000 for her wedding ceremony in 2014.

Find out what Kate and Dana’s hidden talents are by listening in. 😉 Here’s a clue:

What’s Cookin’? (14:22)

Kate shares her fruit salsa recipe (sorry, not 21dsd approved!) so you can enjoy those summer fruits! Get the recipe here!

PALEO F(X) RECAP! (15:05)

1. Tell us about what you heard from the talks – what was the most impactful message you heard? (17:28)

(25:25) Joy and Kate have a new crush: Dr. Michael Ruscio! He did a talk all about Demystifying Functional Medicine – how do you know if you need Functional Medicine and how do you go about finding the right practitioner for you? He shared some red flags but also a very practical approach to overall health. We need functional medicine but we also need conventional medicine.

Here’s a link to some of the info from his talk: http://drruscio.com/paleofx-2016-bonus-materials/

The Paleo State of the Union talk was really inspiring – discussing that the Paleo community is not just about food – it’s also about the lifestyle factors. And perhaps the word “paleo” won’t stay in the future but this “diet” will become what we just know as the “healthy diet”.Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

2. Favorite Vendors from the expo floor (39:39)

Joy’s favorites were Eating Evolved, Thunderbird, Simple Mills and Taza Chocolate Kate loved Nuttzo, Thunderbird, Desert Farm’s Camel Milk, The Date Lady and Kitchun

And WE LOVED PICNIK!! If you’re ever in Austin you HAVE to go! Butter coffee and bone broth are a must!

3. What was the highlight from the weekend? (45:14)

4. Is there anything you are going to investigate more, bring to your business or something we want to bring to ? (47:31)

Joy shared about Abel James’ talk (he’s dreamy….) called Rewild Your Habits where he shared 9 things you need to do to create better health and wellbeing! 1. Unplug 2. Daily gratitude practice 3. Dump your stuff (physical and mental) 4. Recalibrate your stress 5. Practice delayed gratification 6. Be a rebel 7. Engage your right brain (your artistic side) 8. Make a bucket list and actually DO IT 9. Be a creator, not a consumer.

Kate shared something that inspired her – we heard about how when research studies are replicated, they rarely get the same results. So often we are bombarded with statistics influencing the decisions we make in our lives by what we eat or medicines we purchase. Well, the reality is these statistics can say whatever they want, but ultimately it comes back to what works for YOU.

John Oliver did a bit on this recently. Watch it here for a humorous take on this serious topic. (Warning: Not suitable for children!)

If you want to read more about Paleo f(x) – Kate wrote a blog post with some more insight!

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