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The Ladies Dish Podcast #34: Parasites & Working Out

Parasites sound scary but they don’t have to be – listen to hear Kate and Joy’s experiences and what you can do about them. The ladies also discuss workout intensity || Full show notes & honey glazed salmon recipe at the | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast! IN THIS EPISODE:

Updates (1:00): Kate’s next 21DSD group will be in OCTOBER! So prepare yourself to sign up! More info here:

Dana and Kate bonded over Take5 bars…can you relate?

Interview Game Question (4:38) To go along with our discussion about working out...Whats your favorite sport or physical activity?

Can you match the LDP host to the right sport/activity?!

What’s Cookin’? (7:49) Dana shares her husband John’s amazing recipe for Honey Glazed Salmon. From the way Dana described this magic, you’ll want to get on this immediately. Get the recipe here!

Listener Questions (10:15)

1. “Kate has mentioned having a parasite and it totally freaked me out! Could I have a parasite too? How did she know she had one and what protocol is she doing to get better?” Similar question in an email: “I follow you on Instagram and saw your post about the parasite cleanse. I was wondering how you knew that you had a parasite? I experience bloating and I’m tired all the time, as well as some other symptoms. I have read a little about it, but the thought does scare me. Thanks for whatever you are willing to share”

Joy’s tells her story (12:05)

Kate tells her story (17:25)

We always recommend trying to adjust your diet and lifestyle BEFORE trying to fight a possible parasite or getting all the testing done. Making those little improvements we talk about all the time - go back and listen to digestion episodes specifically - those will make a HUGE difference in your life.

More resources (24:50)

If you want to find some more info about parasites, Joy loves Organic Olivia!

Olivia has an interesting story and is trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She talks about how many cultures have parasite cleansed for many years using traditional plant botanicals and herbs

Parasites are a part of LIFE! - you can’t completely avoid them. The parasites are on everything we touch but we don’t’ always get an infestation. Olivia recommends cleansing every 6-months to 1 year.

Again, while we don’t think you need to freak out about parasites, it’s something to be aware of on your own health journey!

2. “On a recent episode, Dana talked about reducing her exercise levels and seeing benefits...Kate has said the same in the past, and I know Joy talks about going to Yoga - which is a far cry from what I do. I’m a little confused because right now I try to work out pretty intense 5-6x a week. I thought that’s what I had to do to lose or maintain my weight. Can you explain a little bit about this? Should I be doing less? Am I hurting myself by doing what I am right now? I say I feel fantastic, but I guess if I think about it, I am pretty tired and my joints are a little achy. Thanks ladies! Love the podcast!!” (28:58)

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Parasites & Working Out | The Ladies Dish

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