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The Ladies Dish Podcast #54: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Happy Holidays, Dishers! The ladies kick off the holiday season with a holiday gift guide episode 🙂 | Full show notes at the | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish IN THIS EPISODE

Updates (1:00)

  • Dana's on the road! She joins us as she travels for the holidays.

  • Dana's maternity leave is almost over! If you're a working mom and have any advice for Dana as she goes back to work - drop in our Facebook group and help a mama out!

  • Kate is looking forward to her gender reveal appointment at the end of December!

LDP's Sponsor - The Nutritional Therapy Association The NTA is an amazing organization that certified all three LDP co-hosts as Nutritional Therapy Consultants. We all highly recommend the NTC course or NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) course to anyone interested in pursuing an education in holistic health and learning how real, whole foods help heal the body from the inside out. Visit for more information and to download a registration packet!

Our Holiday Gift Guide

For all the links, visit



BEAUTY (21:45)

PROGRAMS (27:08)

CLOTHES (32:45)


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The Ladies Dish Holiday Gift Guide

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