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Safer Pressed Powders: Makeup You'll Love!

I've had to keep these products a secret since May... MAY!... and it has been hard because I love makeup!

My sister and I were laughing on vacation as I made her sit down for another one of Kate's Makeovers - playing with makeup has always been a pastime of mine. Finally, I'm thrilled to share with you the newest, gorgeous, safer pressed powders to Beautycounter's cosmetic lines! What's New

  • Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – 3 palettes, 9 shades each: Classic, Romantic, Statement

  • Satin Powder Blush – available in 7 shades.

  • Radiant All Over Bronzer – available in 3 shades.

  • Luminous Powder Highlighter – available in 2 shades.

  • Precision Liquid Eyeliner – in Black.

The Four Ps of Safer Powder


One-swipe color intensity

Artist-grade pigments


Triple-milled to a silky-smooth texture



Even application and seamless blendability


Every batch tested for heavy metals

Industry-leading safety standards

Safer Pressed Powders | Beautycounter | Kate Markovitz

"Get The Look" Sets With the launch of the new powders above, we are also debuting ‘Get the Look’ customizable 4-piece kits of makeup. There are 3 Get the Look kits: The Classic, The Romantic, and The Statement. Here's a before & after of me with the Romantic palette, new bronzer, new highlighter, dew skin in no 2, brown pencil, volumizing mascara, and on my lips is the Little Black Dress lip intense (lightly applied) + Opal lip gloss.

Beautycounter The Romantic Before and After | Kate Markovitz

Each "Get the Look" set contains 4 products: eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, bronzer or highlighter, and lipstick. While Flawless in Five (you guys know this is one of my favorites!) helps achieve a natural, polished look, Get the Look is a curated bundle that can be added on top of your Flawless in Five makeup routine, to take the look to the next level. Like Flawless in Five, Christy Coleman has provided shade recommendations based on skin tone, to take the guesswork out of selecting shades. You can find these on the website in the interactive wizard.

Get the Look Kits Beautycounter | Kate Markovitz

FAQS Why did Beautycounter reformulate? Beautycounter reformulated their powders to significantly increase performance but still meet their safety standards. These new powders have better payoff, which is the intensity of the color upon application, and are long-wearing. Additionally, the new powders are manufactured in the USA.

Why are these safer than traditional powders?

Beautycounter is very selective of the ingredients used in their formulations, in accordance with The Never List™. Additionally, they screen raw materials and finished products to ensure they meet their strict safety standards.

When it comes to colorants, out of the 153 cosmetic colorants allowed in the EU, and the 63 cosmetic colorants allowed in the US, Beautycounter prohibits the vast majority from being used in their products. Beautycounter currently uses 18 colorants in their cosmetics, 10 of which are “naturally-derived” and 8 of which are “synthetic” colorants.

Through their rigorous screening and testing process, Beautycounter's commitment to transparent and ethical sourcing, and proactive involvement at every step of the manufacturing process, they are able to fulfill our promise and provide you products that meet their standards of safety and performance.

How do you screen for heavy metals?

Heavy metals are naturally-occurring; therefore, some natural colorants carry the potential risk of heavy metal contamination.

To help manage this risk, Beautycounter is very selective with the colorants used, and they are tested rigorously. Beautycounter tests not only their pigments, but also each batch of their finished color cosmetic products to make sure they meet our stringent internal standards for safety. Are you discontinuing Current Makeup Powders? Yes, all current pressed powders will be phased out: Eyeshadow Duo, Powder Blush Duo, and Matte Bronzer. Also, Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is limited edition, so it will no longer be available once it sells out. The loose Mattifying Powder will remain in the line.

HOW TO ORDER Shop through my Beautycounter consultant link to support my small business :) I truly appreciate it! Join as a Band of Beauty Member (details below) and get access to my VIP Beautycounter Member Group: Glow with Kate. I'll do makeup tutorials and share tips on how to best use these new products!


Band of Beauty Membership Details

What is Band of Beauty (BOB)? I like to call it Beautycounter's Loyalty Program. Think of it as Amazon Prime. How much does it cost to enroll? The BOB fee is $29 for a one-year membership. What do I get as a Band of Beauty Member?

  • 15% BACK IN CREDITS on all orders for use on future orders. For example, a product order of $200 will earn you $30 to spend on your next order! This alone pays for the price of the membership.

  • FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $100 - shipping is anywhere from $5.95 - 19.95 on orders depending on what's ordered, so you won't pay these fees!

  • FREE GIFT with your enrollment order of $50 or more in product in the SAME ORDER (please note: the enrollment fee does not count towards that $50) - right now it's the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, valued at $49 - MORE than the price of the program!

  • Special, members-only offers periodically from Beautycounter HQ and from me as your consultant - including this new group!

What if I'm already a member, is there a way to get this gift? You are welcome to re-enroll as a Band of Beauty Member at any time to re-start your membership and receive the new gift with a qualifying order. Your membershipwill then be good for one year from the new sign-up date. If my annual BOB Membership has expired, and I enroll as a Member again now, will I be eligible for this gift? Yes! BOB does not automatically renew, so if you became a member more than a year ago and you didn't re-enroll again yet, you can do so with your next order for this gift! Do I need to sell Beautycounter to be a Band of Beauty Member? No. Only Consultants are selling Beautycounter, not Members. Members are simply those who love and use Beautycounter and also want amazing benefits from being a loyal customer. How do I join your Member Exclusive Group? Once you join as a member, I will send you a link with access to my VIP Member group! Add the BOB Membership to your cart for $29 (one-year membership) to start racking up your product credits and receive your free gift!

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