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Why I Chose Beautycounter

The opportunities to work with a beauty and/or skincare company seem endless, so why did I choose Beautycounter?

In this video, I share why I partnered with this amazing company (from a business & personal perspective) and what I love about the company. I've also included links to my favorite aspects below.


What I love about the Company

Our Mission: to get safer products into the hands of everyone.


Solutions through Products


The Never List: more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that Beautycounter will never use as ingredients in their products


Certified B Corporation: B stands for “benefit,” and it means that, unlike the traditional corporate structure, Beautycounter considers people, planet, and profits equally

Direct Retail (Consultants) & Building a Team

Our CEO, Gregg

Want to join my awesome team of women advocating for safer laws and sharing awesome products with your community?

Learn more about the opportunity here and reach out to me so we can chat!

Why I Chose Beautycounter


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