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[RECIPE] Stop the Oatmeal & Fruit for Breakfast

Have you every had a big bowl of "filling" oatmeal and fruit for breakfast? Or maybe whole-grain cereal and skim milk? Or Yogurt and Granola?

....and then felt HANGRY (Hungry-Angry) about 1-2 hours later?!

WHY? Let's break it down...

Oatmeal = Carbs.

Fruit = Carbs.

Cereal = Carbs.

Skim Milk = Carbs.

Yogurt = Carbs.

Granola = Carbs.

Sure, carbs are great and necessary... they give us energy & more (see previous post) BUT it is NOT smart to stack carbs on carbs on carbs. That spells insulin spike and sugar crash heaven...and hangriness errrrrwhere.

"But Kate, I like my oats and fruit!"

Ok perfect...let's just tweak it to keep that blood sugar even!

Buy organic steel-cut oats in bulk. (Sorry, Quaker's instant oatmeal packets have got to go! :/ )

THE NIGHT BEFORE: Mix oats with water, almondmilk, or coconutmilk (full-fat), and your fruit. PLUS a healthy fat: nut butter, coconut oil, etc. You could even mix in some nuts. Find a good quality protein powder and throw it in (OR hard boil some eggs and eat one of those with your meal the next morning.)


Warm the next morning on the stovetop. And enjoy :)

Not a fan of mixing everything into your already favorite bowl of carb yumminess? That's others on the side...hardboiled egg, quality bacon or sausage. Something that will provide you fats and protein.

The key takeaway: ALL macronutrients MUST be present: carbs, FATS, and PROTEINS. This is how you will learn to balance your blood sugar.

If you feel too full mixing those in or adding to your breakfast, then cut back on the amount of oats you were preparing. Play with the ratios until you find something that works for YOU!

PS- When pumpkin rolls around...I'm all about oats with pumpkin, coconut oil, and cinnamon ~ YUM!!

Life Life Well,

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