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My Embarrassing Pantry Clean-Out

This is what happens when you don't clean out your pantry as often as you should...

My husband and I moved at the beginning of April, and so naturally, I was cleaning and purging as much as possible. Much to my dismay, I found all of these offenders in the back of our pantry!

If you find yourself reading through the items and thinking... "O-M-G, I have ALL of these things in my pantry!!" Don't sweat it!! This is WHY I'm sharing this information with you! I've studied holistic nutrition and healthy food options for a couple years now and I've made these changes over time. I hope you will use my swap list to do the same! :) Progress, not perfection.

Check out this Snapchat story (find me kmm810). It was the raw, unedited version of me finding the frankenfood! Including my barking pup ;) It was also mail delivery time!

HERE'S A QUICK LIST OF WHAT WE'VE SWAPPED: *I've included links to products available on Amazon through my affiliate link.

  • Stove Top Chicken Stuffing // Well...truthfully, we don't make stuffing that much anymore. BUT you can make this recipe!

  • Old El Paso Tacos // We make our own! Recipe for my taco seasoning HERE

  • Pillsbury All Purpose Flour // Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour or Coconut Flour

  • Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes // Just roast potatoes in the oven!

  • Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes // The Real Deal! (I use potatoes, butter, coconut milk, salt & pepper)

  • Truvia // Coconut Sugar or Organic Cane Sugar

  • Publix Salted Peanuts // Raw Organic Nuts (I shy away from peanuts these days and opt for almonds, walnuts, cashews)

  • Hidden Valley Ranch Packet // Tessemae's Ranch Dressing* (*ridiculously priced on Amazon!) or Organic Ranch Seasoning

  • Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil // Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Dark Glass!)- My favorite for taste is Kasandrinos

  • Hungry Jack Syrup // REAL Maple Syrup or Local Honey

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