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From Kate's Plate: What I ate 6.28.16

it was just a random tuesday, but i remembered to take pictures so here is what i ate yesterday!

8am - cup of black coffee + lots of work to do!

10am - throw-everything-in-a-skillet breakfast ;)

*2 handfuls of kale thrown in 2 Tbsp ghee

*leftover butternut squash + beets

*6 scrambled eggs

....all sauteed until the eggs were cooked and everything warmed through...i then separated into 3 different portions so i'll have this the rest of the week. then, i added 1/2 and avocado and threw on some adobo seasoning because it's my favorite! the beets made everything an interesting color, but hey, it was delicious!

3pm - lunch of salads

*spring mix, 1 small red bell pepper, pepperoncinis, celery, sprouted sunflower seeds, crockpot shredded chicken, squeeze of lemon + EVOO as dressing topped with some italian seasoning. i love to throw seasoning on salads...really kicks up the flavor!

*fruit salad was a combo of berries, grapes, and pineapple. yum <3

5pm - had to meet a client and felt i wanted something sweet. grabbed a square of each of these. i love the theo chocolate bars!

8pm - came home from a quick shopping trip and was pretty hungry! believe it or not, i threw this plate together in until 15 minutes!

*2 applegate organic beef hot dogs [skillet]

*1 small potato - i diced and boiled for about 3 minutes, then threw into the skillet i cooked the hot dogs in with some ghee and meat + potatoes seasoning from primal palate for only about 2 minutes until browned.

*leftover cauliflower and green bean mixture

*farmhouse fresh dill pickle sauerkraut, cause i love my gut ;P i do try to eat probiotic foods 4-5x a week!

and that's all folks! nothing fancy here, but it's actually a pretty standard day for me. something green at every meal, check!

xo, kate

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