• Kate Markovitz

Beautycounter's Beyond Gloss + Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick

One of the very first Beautycounter products I fell in love with was the lip gloss, specifically in the shade Fig.

It was a gorgeous shade. It was non-sticky. It was safe.

IN FACT, it was the FIRST true selfie I ever posted circa September 2016... to showcase this lip gloss. No filter. That is serious love!

Conversely, I did not love the lip sheers... at first. I only had the shade Twig (a neutral) but it didn't last long enough. I thought it was a lipstick, when in reality it is like a tinted chapstick... a blend of a gloss and lipstick. I just didn't get it.

NOW that we have more bold and intense lipsticks, and the "sheer" makes sense to me... I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. #permissiontochange

Both products have been upgraded into beautiful new packaging and I wanted to have a dedicated blog post to honor these amazing products and their safer ingredients.

Let's first chat about safety + supply chain.


I've always been a fan of switch lip products to safer options as a first swap. Why? Well, no matter the effort, you ARE going to ingest some of your lip product and there is a lot of crap in lip glosses and lipsticks on the market today, including PEGs (used as thickeners, solvents, softeners, or moisture carriers) and BHT or plasticizers.. all are linked to harm human health and have environmental impact concerns, which vary based on many factors including route of exposure.

Beautycounter also does a thorough process for screening and testing. Each batch is tested for heavy metals to ensure they meet the BC safety measures. In addition, there are 65 cosmetic colorants allowed in the US, but Beautycounter prohibits the use of majority and only relies on 18 colorants in their cosmetics.

Supply Chain Transparency + Ingredient Spotlight: Vanilla

In these lip formulas, Beautycounter uses an ECOCERT-certified organic vanilla sourced through a woman-owned supplier who partners with cooperatives and farmers in Madagascar. They support local communities through initiatives like funding for clean drinking water, health care, and education.

After extensive in-person audits of mica suppliers, Beautycounter chose a domestic source that’s committed to industry-leading practices for sustainable mining and processing. For additional mica suppliers, they are working to further secure and trace their mica through our partnership with Sourcemap and on-the-ground audits. Read more about Beautycounter's mica journey here.

Beautycounter Beyond Gloss

Goodness, I love these beautiful glosses. Gorgeous shine and lip conditioning benefits make it one of my favorite products.

Jojoba seed oil is used to provide wear that stays put without being sticky.

BeyondSmooth Conditioning Complex is a blend of beeswax, candelilla wax, and organic carnauba wax which gives a smooth texture and locks in moisture.

Organic Madagascar Vanilla is high-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredient providing the sweet, delicious scent.

CleanCoat pigments is a proprietary process that provides a beautifully sheer, even coat of color in a range of hues in moisture-rich castor oil.

Beautycounter AMBER SHIMMER Beyond Lip Gloss
AMBER SHIMMER Beyond Lip Gloss
  • Peony: warm pink

  • Brûlée: beige shimmer

  • Quartz Shimmer: clear shimmer

  • Mulberry: deep plum

  • Spice: warm neutral shimmer

  • Raspberry: sheer bright pink

  • Black Plum: deep eggplant

  • Magnolia Shimmer: mauve with silver shimmer

  • Amber Shimmer: warm amber shimmer

  • Clove: warm beige

  • Sienna: sheer raisin

  • Dahlia: cool pink

  • Bare Shimmer: neutral pink with golden shimmer

  • Rosewood: warm neutral

Some of my favorites: Peony (for spring/summer), Brûlée (for sparkly neutral), Rosewood (for fall/winter), and Amber Shimmer (for sparkly neutral).

Check out the Beyond Gloss >

Beautycounter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick

As mentioned above, this is NOT your bold, long-lasting lip option. This is the perfect, hybrid blend of a gloss and lipstick - the ultimate everyday lip!

One of my favorite features of this new packaging: a magnetic lid! No more worrying about losing tops in purses - truly genius!

Jojoba Esters are sustainably sourced and native to South America. They are plant-based emollients that melt into the lips to create a balmy texture for a weightless, creamy feel.

SmartWax Botanical Blend is a lip-conditioning blend of emollients and plant-based waxes that help lock in moisture while giving a smoo