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Beautycounter: Safer Skincare & Beauty Products (+ Reviews!)

beautycounter's mission: "To get safer products into the hands of everyone."

I was 3 years into this real food, holistic living journey and it wasn't until December 2015 when I found out I dealing with some rather devastating hormonal issues, that I started to care about my beauty and skincare products.

OK that's a half-truth... I TRIED some of the "crunchier" options previous to this time, but nothing really worked that great...

The no poo method (for like a week), natural deodorants (um, for like a DAY), some natural mascara (it was ok, but ran down my face)...oh + soap! I did switch to a local company for a homemade soap, laundry butter, and facial masks (which unfortunately recently has stopped selling products).

Once I got my test results back in December 2015, I realized I had to start cleaning up EVERYTHING. While I had finally nailed the food, environmental toxins and disrupters were too loud to continue to ignore.

In fact, it is becoming a passion of mine to educate women about the dangers of these toxins that we spend hundreds of dollars on every year.

We are PAYING to DAMAGE our hormones and our health.


A couple of my favorite bloggers had started to mention a company called "beautycounter." Since I wasn't absolutely in love with anything I had tried so far, I decided to order a couple products to test myself.

Wow! I was super impressed! Not only did the products work really well for me, I was blown away by the efforts the company was making to change the regulations around the skincare + beauty industry.

In fact, beautycounter was seen lobbying in DC for transparency in the beauty industry in May 2016 and they had done so in the past as well (seen here in 2015 and here in 2014).

I am going to update this post frequently as I try more products. Yes, I have partnered with the company because I want to spread this message far and wide and help women find safer products that they absolutely love too!

Interested in giving Beautycounter a try yourself?

Check out their website or send me an email so I can help you figure out where to start!

Below are my reviews of the products I've tried so far (the good + bad!).


my product reviews

my top 3

When a woman comes to me asking what I love the most, I really have a hard time! I understand we can't buy ALL THE THINGS, so I'm doing my best to narrow down my top 3 products [ok, it ended up being a little over 3, sorry!] below.

This was one was super important to me because my husband used to be outside in the sun for his job and with our little one arriving in summer, I know I'll want to be outside walking and protecting us. Here are a few options. The dew skin moisturizer is another sun protection product but I have that listed separately:

This was one of the first products I ordered. It is shaped like a small deodorant stick and is fabulous for your face and just throwing in your purse, beach bag, golf bag...whatever you take with you outside. You just roll it up, a few swipes, rub it in, and you are good to go! It is recommended to reapply every 80 minutes.

This is the more practical version of the stick sunscreen if you are going to be applying to your entire body. It's non-greasy and light. Reapply every 2 hours or every 40 minutes if you are in the water. Take with you to the beach and for the sunny days when you will have more skin exposed.

These charcoal products are the bomb! I mentioned that I used to get masks from a local company, and my favorite product was her charcoal mask... but this is a wonderful replacement!

I use the bar daily + the mask 1-2 times per week depending on what my skin needs. The charcoal bar deep cleans by detoxifying and pulling impurities. It's great for acne-prone skin and can be used on your face and body.

The charcoal mask is super light and will take about 15 minutes total - 1-2 minutes to apply, 10 minutes to dry, and 1-2 minutes to remove with warm water [the easiest mask I've ever taken off!]. I noticed a brighter complexion and my skin just feels amazingly clean when I use it.

some stats about the mask:

results* 10 minutes after first application:

  • 90% reported skin feeling clean and renewed

  • 87% reported instantly refined and smoothed skin

results* after two weeks of use:

  • 90% reported skin feeling clean and renewed

  • 94% reported that the mask absorbed excess oils

  • 97% reported refined and smoothed skin

*Conclusions based on consumer perception study conducted with 31 female subjects 10 minutes after first application and after use twice a week for two weeks.

Last up on my favorites list is a makeup product - the dew skin tinted moisturizer! I especially love this product for summer because (A) it has spf 20 in it (B) it feels very light (C) provides lightweight coverage (D) it's hydrating! Boom! I wear color no. 2.


i absolutely love

this foundation was great! i have to admit, i don't have a huge need for heavy foundation [more concealer from my habit of ignoring the fact that some of my favorite foods cause my break-outs!] HOWEVER, foundation is something ladies put on their skin and keep on their skin all i think it very important to switch out foundation first for this reason. i am the color "linen" in the winter and "sand" in the summer.

i'm totally a bronzer girl. i love it for contrasting and throwing on quickly before i run out the door...i did always feel better with a tan! this totally performed as well as, if not better, than the conventional bronzer i was used to buying. i wear no. 1.

the nourishing day cream is from the more "affordable" essentials collection line and i had purchased this originally. i love it for a daily moisturizer [i typically only wear the dew skin if i am going to be leaving the house]. it's lightweight and i am pleased with its performance. it's also a beautycounter "best seller."


not my favorite

rosewater mist

I'm just not that into it. Many women love it but I find it unnecessary,


Check out everything that BEAUTYCOUNTER has to offer HERE.

I am more than happy to chat with you if you are interested in a product (or perhaps would like to try a sample**limited products and quantities available). Please email me at hello(at)holistickate(dot)com.

Interested in becoming a consultant?

I'd love to mentor you :)

BUT let's chat first so I can hear what YOU love about the products. Send me an email!

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