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Flawless in Five: Clean Beauty Routine + Application Tips

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

I have a whole new appreciation for being able to get ready in a split-second... seriously. Most of the time I'm putting on shoes the same time I'm applying mascara. #momlife

Insert the Flawless in Five

Beautycounter's "makeup regimen" of 6 products to help you pull together a beautiful look in 5 minutes or less.

Flawless in Five : Mama and Daughter

I'm loving the simplicity and ease!

1. Face

2. Concealer Pen

3. Brows

4. Mascara

5. Blush

6. Gloss

If you keep it all together in one makeup bag, you aren't digging for any products and it'll save you even more time #trust.

Here are my favorite tips for application and why I personally love each of the Flawless in Five products.


Foundation is best applied starting at the middle of your face and working outward. You can use a variety of tools to apply foundation: fingers, flat brush, retractable brush, sponge. If you choose to use a sponge, make sure it is damp first. Think about using a paper towel to clean a liquid: a wet or damp towel will move the substance around, whereas a dry towel will soak it up. I also choose to apply a couple of drops of face oil (my favorite is Beautycounter's No 1 Brightening Oil) or apply makeup right after my morning routine to keep the application smooth and silky. Beautycounter's Tint Skin Foundation is fabulous because its medium coverage and buildable - meaning you can add a layer if you want more coverage (I do this for events) but still light and comfortable for everyday wear. Tint Skin also contains hyaluronic acid which helps bind to moisture so your face looks supple and hydrated all day without being oily. I wear Linen.

Beautycounter's Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer is perfect for that light-to-sheer coverage and daily SPF. This product is so forgiving, meaning the shade can be "off" slightly and you won't have a huge line around your face. I wear no 2.

Check out this blog post to learn way more about these 2 face product and compare them.


Apply concealer in strokes down your face mostly vertical (vs horizontal). You can create an inverted triangle under the eye. This keeps the concealer from caking in wrinkles or fine lines. Use your fourth/ring finger (weakest) to gently press the concealer into the delicate eye area skin. I also like to apply eye cream right before doing my makeup so the area is still hydrated. Choose a concealer that is 1 shade lighter than your foundation to brighten the undereye area and/or a shade that is the same as your foundation to cover blemishes or uneven spots. Also, apply concealer on your eyelid to give a nice even canvas for eyeshadow... or not! It'll make the eye appear brighter. Beautycounter's Concealer Pen is a clickable pen and lasts forever. It is medium coverage, so if you prefer full coverage concealer, this may not be the product for you. I like using Fair for under my eyes and on my eyelid and Light otherwise.


Oh, brows. How misunderstood you were for so many years! Now I don't know what I would do without a nice eye-defining brow. Brow Pencils (The Filler): Use brow like strokes starting at the inside and working to the outside of the eye. Lift at the highest peak of the eyebrow and use the comb to pull the color through the brow. Brow Gel (The Setter): Comb through your brow following the shape of the brow. You can also use clear gel to hold unruly eyebrows in place. Which should you use? Brows that are sparse and need to be filled in should go with a pencil. Brows that are semi-full to full yet unruly would benefit from the gel. Most eyebrows need both! Beautycounter's Brow Gel is seriously Spanx for eyebrows. I'm obsessed with this newly released product and I've been a lover of the Brow Pencil in Dark for years (just sit on the pencil end or warm on your hand first... it's wax-based so it needs a little love to get started!)


I'm obsessed with lashes... always have been (I found pictures I drew in 1st grade and EVERYONE had lashes!) I recently ordered this Castor Oil to try to help grow my natural lashes, but I don't have a verdict yet! To apply mascara on top lashes, use a zig-zag motion starting at the base of the lash and work outwards. I've also had success using a method of just applying to the tip first, drying, and then using the zig-zag motion. To apply to bottom lashes, flip the wand vertically and apply the formula on the end. Length or Volume? Depends on your brow! If you have a bold brow, go with length. If you have a thin brow, balance with volume. Beautycounter's Volumizing (or Lengthening) Mascaras are carnauba wax-based, meaning they need to warm up. but will also condition your lashes ;) They will perform very well if you treat them properly! I like to either stick the mascara between my legs (if sitting), under my armpit, in my bra, or in a hot cup of water (wand down!) while I'm doing the first 3 steps. I prefer our volumizing mascara.


With a soft smile, use a brush to gently press and pat blush into the apples of the cheeks. If you apply too much blush, use your foundation brush/sponge to just knock down the color to look more natural by gently patting on the cheeks. Beautycounter's Satin Powder Blushes (7 available colors) are super pigmented and simply beautiful. I find myself using Nectar and Melon the most year-round, but I also love Date.


Last but not least, the lip. For an everyday look, I tend to stick with a gloss that I can apply as needed. Start on the cupid's bow and then put on the center of the bottom lip. Do not go all the way to the edge because lip gloss is liquid and will build outward to the edges. I have embarrassingly tiny tips, so I will also apply sllllllightly outside the edge of my lips so they appear fuller :) Beautycounter's Glosses are NOT sticky at all, which is my favorite thing about them.. besides the colors.. and the vanilla scent.. and the shine. Okay, they are just fabulous! Three of my favorite colors are fig, rosewood, and peony.


Need help customizing and choosing shades?

You should! When you walk into a major makeup store, someone is there to greet and help you... in the virtual world, that's me :) I walk through the FIF process in this video so you know what to expect:

I have a video on my Facebook page (sorry for the angle!) applying the FIF collection (and then a Get the Look date night application).


Keep in mind, all of these gorgeous products are formulated with better, safer ingredients.

What does that even mean?

Beautycounter will NEVER use 1,500 ingredients that have proven to be harmful to our systems (check out the NEVER LIST here), yet the products utilize safe science to create products that work at high performance so you aren't smearing mascara and eyeliner in 10 minutes or applying lip gloss every time you talk.

As a mom, I'm anxious about almost everything. I love and adore my baby girl so much I just want the best for her and myself.

When she started sucking on my face or arm when she wanted to eat, I didn't panic that she was ingesting fragrances (ugh!) or harmful chemicals because I've cleaned up my beauty act. It's nice to have peace of mind for something these days.

Some looks I've created with the Flawless in Five set:

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