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A Rant: The Glorification of Busy + What to Do

I know there are many upholders and obligers that follow me because #yourvibeattractsyourtribe. I've been thinking about all of this lately and I found about half of this blog post drafted in my seemingly endless list of unpublished blog posts in my account... and figured I needed to finally publish this!

Please indulge me and allow me to rant a bit...

For some reason, when we hear "sleep more, stress less, drink more water, eat healthy" doesn't register that those things HAVE to happen. Those are non-negotiable. (Dana, Joy and I touched on this concept in The Ladies Dish Podcast Episode #22)

You can NOT sleep 6 hours, workout 7 days a week, restrict your food AND expect your body to work well for you.

It is too much.

I loved this excerpt from the Balanced Bites podcast, which was the question the ladies used to mold their conversation on a similar topic BECAUSE THIS WAS ME!! And truth is, I see many of the women on my news feed in this quote:

"I really related to the story about the woman who continued to drive herself back into adrenal fatigue because she just wouldn’t stop. I think us ladies have a really difficult time accepting rest and allowing our bodies to heal. Almost every woman I know is in a hurry to lose fat, lose inches, increase mileage, increase workout days, etc., and it’s so damaging. We just don’t know how to be and trust the process." (Balanced Bites Episode #240)

I have personally been battling adrenal issues for what feels like ages. Plus, I keep testing positive for the D. Fragilis parasite despite multiple attempts to eradicate it and struggle with issues around my cycle... not to mention the difficult pregnancy, IUGR diagnosis, etc.

I've recently started listening to the book, Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis.

WOW, did I hear myself in the opening stories. I fill my plate so full all of the time... for what purpose? To avoid feelings and keep myself distracted? Because I only feel worthy if I'm getting things done on a list?

I needed to pause and take inventory of everything I do.

We all need to do exactly that...

STOP and take inventory.

Glorification of Busy + What to Do | Holistic Kate

We've gotten so caught up in the hype, the hustle.

The glorification of busy.

OUR HEALTH IS SUFFERING because of it, ladies....and yet, we keep plugging away!

Here's what you are going to do about it.

Take a pen and a piece of paper and for 15 minutes, go into a room that is silent & peaceful.

Write out a brain dump. Everything you worry about, the to-do list, the responsibilities, the shopping list...whatever is on your mind, get it all on the piece of paper.

Look at the list and decide what needs to go...what is not deserving of being on that list for you to personally worry about OR find a solution to get that item off the list...that may mean asking for help.

Find the "must do/complete/accomplish" items. Try to stick to 3 a day. If those 3 items get done, give yourself permission to be happy with the day's accomplishments.

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