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The Ladies Dish Podcast #62: Comparison with Disher, Keegan Kowcheck

“Comparison is the thief of everything…”Kate and Dana chat with Disher, Keegan about comparison, grace, social media highlight reels, fit pregnancies and more! Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish


Updates (1:20)

• Kate’s 21DSD February Group: begins Feb 1! Enroll at The group is already half way full, so will close on the 29th or when the seats are gone!

Keegan Kowchek

Special guest today!

Since Joy wasn’t able to make our recording time, we brought on a dear friend and a fellow disher, Keegan! Keegan Kowcheck is a teacher, behavior analyst, fitness instructor, mom to Beckett, friend, disher, jack of all trades, recipe extraordnaire and wise sage!

The “it” List (5:43)

Keegan shared something she’s into: her Plum Paper planner. She’s loving the Meal Planner tab the most. Follow Keegan on fb – because Keegan will be sharing a coupon code for a Plum Planner!

LDP's Sponsor - The Nutritional Therapy Association

The NTA is an amazing organization that certified all three LDP co-hosts as Nutritional Therapy Consultants. We all highly recommend the NTC course or NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) course to anyone interested in pursuing an education in holistic health and learning how real, whole foods help heal the body from the inside out. Visit for more information and to download a registration packet!

Today’s Topic: COMPARISON (8:55)

Kate got the idea for this episode from a quote she read in her new PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner from Lara Casey - which guys, I LOVE THIS!!

Comparison is the thief of everything.
“I used to get discouraged when I looked at other wedding magazines. I didn’t have their budgets or their stylists or their prop houses. It was just me and my cat in my tiny apartment. When reading other people’s blogs, I would get depressed by comparing my writing, organizing, or business acumen to theirs. I would see happy couples and though my marriage was improving greatly at the time, I resented all the mess my husband and I had to wade through. Other people were reading large portions of the Bible while I had a hard time reading two paragraphs of an e-mail without getting distracted. Other people were better, faster, smarter, and more successful, and their lives seemed perfect. Ugh! I wanted to be like them.
But, comparison is coveting. Comparison makes me ungrateful. When I want what everyone else has, I am blinded to the blessings right in front of me. Comparison isn’t only the thief of joy; it's the thief of everything. If you are comparing your business, work, kids, marriage, finances, spiritual maturity, smarts, or (fill in what it is for you) to those of any other human being on this earth, you will continue to chase your tail, and you will miss your life. I chase “big” and “more, more, more” and the “the best” and “more followers” and - you get the picture - for way too long. Until all those things I had worked so hard to build by comparing myself to others started to crumble.
Living on purpose turns comparison and coveting into compassion and cheering on. When you are living on purpose, it doesn’t matter what someone else's journey looks like. We are all in this together.”
-Lara Casey. Except from Make It Happen.

Social Media

• Only let you see what they want to see… even if its the “bad stuff” - EVERYTHING is filtered.

Fitness (22:42)

• The gals chat about the reality of have a #fitpregnancy.

• It’s important to stop comparison in its tracks.

Keegan shared this quote that impacted her recently:


Kate re-emphasized this part of the quote she had shared at the top of the show:

“Living on purpose turns comparison and coveting into compassion and cheering on. When you are living on purpose, it doesn’t matter what someone else's journey looks like. We are all in this together.” -Lara Casey.

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