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The Ladies Dish #65: Sweet, Sweet Self Lovin'

It’s Valentine’s Day and we want to make sure you are showing yourself some self love and self care this holiday and EVERYDAY! The ladies share their favorites ways to take care of themselves and tips for how to add more into your days, too. | Full show notes at the | Get in touch:


Welcome to the Ladies Dish!

Updates (00:58): • Happy Valentine’s Day, Dishers! We LOVE you all and are so happy and grateful to spend week after week with you!

The “it” List (1:58)

Joy is SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! It’s always hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that you love and works great for your hair type. Joy finally found one she loves (even if it’s not the cleanest hippy-dippy product out there): Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Volume shampoo and conditioner

Today’s Topic: Self-Love

Why it’s important to show yourself some love (8:22):

1. You can show up as the best version of you for everyone else: your husband, baby, your family, friends, coworkers, etc. 2. You honor your self-worth… you won’t settle for less than what you deserve because you value yourself! 3. Once you learn to accept WHO you are - imperfections and all - you can be more confident and happy in your overall life 4. General appreciation for this life we are gifted!

Self-Care and Self-Love (10:33)

• When you take care of yourself, you are actively saying that you love yourself… but you have to do the work in all ways: physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally << one that’s often forgotten about. • Really hard for ladies, especially mothers, and for our…obligers! • Self-care doesn’t have to be a big gesture… i.e. you don’t have to have an entire spa day to show yourself self-care/love. It can be as simple as laying in bed for 5 extra minutes counting your blessings in the morning.

• Self-care also looks different for everyone.

Our favorite ways to show self-care or self-love (11:41)

o Dana

- Bath with epsom salt

- Workouts

- Talking with friends and family

o Kate

- Gratitude journal

- Expansion

- Taking action

o Joy

- Doing my hair and nails

- Practicing yoga

- Art/music

More Self-Love Tips (19:52):

In Feb 2015 - Kate did a 5 Days to Fall in Love with Yourself FREE Challenge on her newly published blog and she’s sharing it here:

1. Find your Beauty

Learning to love what you see in the mirror. Flip every negative thought.

2. Self-Affirmations

Talk yourself happy!

3. Be Strong

Get moving - show yourself, You. Are. Capable.

4. Treat Yourself

Any self-care act we were talking about above. What feels like a treat to you?

5. List What You Love

Create a master list of everything you love about yourself that you can access daily.

Do you know your Love Language?!

Dana, Kate and Joy chat about their Love Language and their partner’s language. You can take the quiz too – let us know what you get!

“Imagine what your life would look like if you believed in your worth.”

Also, check out this video for affirmation inspiration:

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The Ladies Dish | Self Love

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