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Postpartum Chat on Rooted Mind Podcast

I was interviewed for the Rooted Mind Podcast about postpartum depression and anxiety... but Shelby and I had a fabulous conversation about real, authentic motherhood!

Questions I answered:

  • What's the biggest struggle you had as a new mom?

  • How did you manage your postpartum anxiety? And were you scared to talk about it at first?

  • It seems to me that moms put pressure on themselves both internally and externally to perform or meet a certain standard. How do you deal with that stress?

  • You are always encouraging your listeners to not only be healthy but also take time to love themselves and give themselves grace. What advice would you give our listeners who are struggling with anxiety?

Take a listen in iTunes or Stitcher!

Postpartum Help | Postpartum Depression | Postpartum Anxiety

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