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Pouches with Purpose: Breast Cancer Awareness

In the US, a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is 1 in 8. 1 in 3 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. While these statistics are startling, I do not think you truly "get it" until you have a personal scare. A lump landed me at my OB, then ultrasound, and ultimately a mammogram at the beginning of September. It was terrifying. I'm so grateful that all turned out fine... but for that day, I felt a moment away from breast cancer. It wasn't unfathomable. I held my breath all day. 1 in 8. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are many cancer survivors on my larger Beautycounter team and we are joining forces to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

Will you join us in an effort to donate 1,000 pouches with purpose?

Beauty should be good for you | Breast Cancer Awareness

What are “Pouches with Purpose”?

My team wants to donate "Pouches with Purpose" aka pouches filled with safer products for those undergoing treatment because a woman should never have to sacrifice her health in the name of beauty!

Jessie Dilorenzo, Breast Cancer Survivor and my Beautycounter team member started Radiant Warriors Foundation, an organization dedicated to nurturing and empowering women as they heal breast cancer with grace. We want to provide pouches for Jessie to distribute to thousands of women currently going through treatment! Her hope is to put a smile on their face while they learn ways to reduce their toxin load through safer personal care products.


Option #1: Beautycounter Pouch, Hydrate Body Lotion, Girls’ Night Lip Intense and a Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine insert.

Beautycounter | Breast Cancer Awareness

Option #2: Beautycounter Pouch, Hydrate Body Lotion, Bare Shimmer Gloss and a Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine insert.

Beautycounter | Breast Cancer Awareness

Jessie said the ONE thing that got her through treatment was rockin’ bright red lipstick, so she really wants to provide this option for other women as well. A book was written and a Lifetime movie was even made recently called ‘Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy’ - how fitting! We realize red lipstick isn’t for everyone, so we are offering a neutral gloss option too. Women will get to choose which they prefer.

How to sponsor a pouch with purpose?

As a team, we are hoping to sponsor at least 1,000 pouches!!

  1. You can sponsor a pouch by sending me $50 via PayPal or Venmo by October 2nd and I will order one in your name. This covers the pouch and products at our consultant pricing. I will cover the shipping and tax!

  2. Spend $150 with Beautycounter today through October 2nd and I will donate a pouch in your name. Simply shop Beautycounter at

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts and the women undergoing treatment! xo, Kate

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