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Ultimate Planner Roundup: Which is best for you?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

When I was 9, I wanted to either be a doctor, a teacher, or a worker at Office Max. Quite the list.

It makes me happy to wander the aisles of home office supplies, organizational gadgets, paper, and pencils. I take great pride in my obsession of office supplies... in fact, it's become a very useful hobby, for myself and others!

When the 4th person within a day asked me what planner I recommended in 2020, I figured it was time to officially write this post.

The truth is I can't recommend ONE planner because we all need and want different things, but with the right planner, you can basically conquer the world. Especially you mommas and business owners out there who are keeping schedules and tasks for yourself and 32 other people.

Usually, I like to ask, "What are the top 2-3 things this planner needs to help you do?"

That's how I'm going to organize this list below. I'll give the pros (as I see them) to each planner and who I think that planner is NOT suited for (sometimes its easier to know what you DON'T need!) I'll share whether I've had personal experience with the planner or if I'm just evaluating from the interwebs.

Please note: I may have affiliate links to some of the planners below. These links do not cost any more to you, but help to support my blog. I will disclose these links.

Featured Planners (in alphabetical order):

  • The Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte

  • Dream Planner by Horacio Printing

  • Erin Condren LifePlanner

  • Full Focus Planner

  • Golden Coil Planner

  • Passion Planner

  • Plum Paper Planners

  • Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

The Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte ($50)

If you love quotes, feeling inspired, creating "soul goals," reflection, core desired feelings - perhaps you consider yourself a little "woo" - you will like the Desire Map Planner. There are options for daily, weekly, or undated weekly. The 2020 collection is really stunning with different styles, yet all come in the same 9.5" x 7.5" format with a gold spiral.

There is a lot of heart and soul in this planner. It helps inspire and create a feeling with its use. There is ample space for writing to-dos and focusing on 3 items to complete each day. Each planner purchase also includes a Desire Map Planner Program ($45 value) for free.

This planner is not for you if you want simple and straight-forward. There are a lot of journaling and reflecting elements.

I have used the Desire Map Planner in the past and really enjoyed it! I decided I do not like spiral options as I'm usually throwing my planner in with my computer bag to go work and it was scratching.

The Desire Map Planner

Check out The Desire Map Planner >>

Dream Planner by Horacio Printing (Start at $40)

"The best is yet to come" is the motto and cover design of the dream planner. Horacio Printing is a Christian brand that designs products to help connect you to God's purpose. I loved this description from their website: "Minimalist design and thick art paper is our love language. We believe in margin, white space and lots of spirit-led encouragement. Each page is designed with love and intention."

This planner comes in 1 spiral or 2 hardback options (1 hardback already sold out for 2020). There are some pages and activities for planning your year and reflecting after seasons. I think of this planner as a sophisticated, classic and timeless look.

In addition, 10% of every purchase is donated to A21.org which is a nonprofit organization fighting human trafficking globally.

The Dream Planner is what I chose for 2020 because I wanted to work on my spiritually and infuse it into my days. I loved the simple, minimal design and it also came with enough space for each week and a perfect-bound book (I prefer this to spiral). I also really liked the activities at the beginning. So far, I really like it, I just find that Murphy's hair does seem to be all over the cover.

This planner is not for you if you are not Christian or religious or are looking for a daily option. There are also no tabs to easily flip to past/future months in the lay-flat hardbound book, but 2 ribbons to mark your monthly and weekly spots. The spiral does have tabs.

The Dream Planner Horacio Printing

Check out the Dream Planner >>

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Erin Condren LifePlanner (Most start at $55)

This planner is great for you if you want colorful, bright, fun, and playful. There are many ways that you can customize your Erin Condren LifePlanner, from spiral-bound, binders, softcovers, and more.

The coiled LifePlanner is their best seller, so let's look at that. There are 3 different layouts: horizontal, vertical, and hourly. There are a ton of covers to choose from and they can be customized to have your name, monogram, a quote, etc. The covers are also interchangeable, built-in stickers, and you can add a ton of accessories to your planner. If you love scrapbooking and consider yourself creative and artsy, you'll love this planner. Teachers do, too!

This planner is not for you if you want simple and minimalistic or if you don't want to have to make a lot of decisions. There are monthly planner options, but not daily. Most are spiral bound, except for newer 1 soft-cover planner (starts at $35). This is also a pricier option.

I had Erin Condren planne