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5 Favorites: May Edition

My 5 Favorites for this Month : )

1. Soma PJ Cool Night Pants

Honestly, I may never wear another type of PJ Pants again. I truly debate leaving the house because I know I will have to take them off. Sad, maybe, but true.

2. Fresh Blooms

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten any day, any mood, and any room. The smell, the colors :) It just reminds me of sunshine and smiles. After this winter, I'm sure those of you living in the North will definitely be appreciating your flowers this year!

3. Towel Wrap

When I'm not wearing my PJ pants around the house, I may be caught in my shower towel wrap. You may be confused and thinking, "Wasn't that a college dorm thing?" Nope, not in my world! It is an everyday thing.

4. Northeast Oil & Soap Company

According to my husband, I have turned hippie. Well, if using natural, delish-smelling and skin-soothing soaps makes me a hippie (ok, he has more arguments than just this one), then I'm glad I have! I'm obsessed with the Mocha Vanilla Latte & Activated Charcoal and Olive Leaf Powder. Plus, the owner is a wonderful Pittsburgh gal that I used to dance it out with twice a week <3 Check out her ETSY shop! Plus, I received them in NO time - Amazon has some competition!

5. "Fit Happens" Journal

Once again, I find an AWESOME purchase and then it becomes a game of hide-and-seek to find another. I came across a "fit happens" guided journal at Target that is basically a gratitude journal with motivational quotes, spaces to record workouts, mood, fit tips, etc. I love it because I BELIEVE in writing everything down. The only thing I don't like is that I didn't think of it first! Check out the pages:

Well, that's my 5 for this month :) Let me know if you give any of them a try!

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