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My 5 Favorites: September 2016 Edition

happy september!

September 2016


bravo to Cassy Joy of on such a fantastic first book! it's packed with information in the front half, tons of delicious paleo recipes [we've already made 4-5 recipes - all delicious!] PLUS an entire fitness program created by Juli Bauer of This book is WELL WORTH the price...heck, you could triple the price and it's still worth it! it's practical and you can tell that Cassy poured her heart and soul into making it relatable and easy to understand. I LOVE IT... and I've been sharing quite a bit about it on my social media!

i've had quite the number of concealer pens in my day... and I was expecting to be disappointed with beautycounter's version. why? well, i had tried other "natural" companies concealer pens and they just weren't cutting it.

i was PLEASANTLY surprised when BC's pen worked better than ALL of my other concealer pens...even the one's with junkie ingredients! i loved it so much I ordered another... one for my bedroom and one for my purse! kinda crazy, but true!

i have to give a shout-out to Diane Sanfilippo for this one!! she snapchatted about her supplement container stackable containers and i ordered right away! ever since i began the supplement extravaganza to get rid of this parasite & calm the hormone issues, i've been searching for an organized way to keep my supplements straight.

eventually i resorted to organza "jewelry" pouches (for lack of a better description). OMG THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER.

totally love these!! i actually got one in each size because i wasn't sure how i was going to use them but now:

*small for the digestive supplements (i take each meal)

*medium for the supplements i take in the am/pom

*large for keep a "stash" of them out of the bottle to grab easily (esp for those i take 1/day)

ok, i admit it! i'm a planner junkie!!!! i have two planners that i use right now, and the desire map is one of them. it's totally transformed how i think about my days. it's my gratitude journal AND my goal setting planner. there are a ton of wonderful features built in so you design your life around what you want to FEEL.

i wrote a whole blog post about these new journals!

***if you order from my link by september 15th, 2016, i'll send you a special thank you gift!

i'm not one to typically like granola, BUT HOLY COW, i ate the entire bag within 3 days.... so i've lost privileges of keeping this in my home! but i thought i'd share anyway ;)

ps - pittsburgh peeps, i found this in the gluten free section at market district!

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