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My 5 Favorites: March 2017 Edition

My 5 Favorites | March 2017

I'm back with a new edition of My 5 Favorites after a long, unexpected hiatus!


I love this grass-fed tallow balm! It's "whipped" so it's light, it smells delicious and it is super nourishing for our skin because it includes our fat soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K... plus the anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that you get from grass-fed animal products.

It's especially helpful this time of year when my hands and skin are a bit dryer than normal... and it's safe for babies... yay!

I'm newly obsessed with making my own latte's at home after purchasing this handheld frother from IKEA the other weekend for $1.99 [be prepared, its $2.79 on the website!]

I warm organic, grass-fed milk and use the frother, then add about 8-10 oz of coffee. It's such a TREAT!

This kitchen appliance has changed my life... especially these past few months as cooking has been REALLY difficult for me [don't make me look at the food!]

Spaghetti squash in 7 minutes, hard-boiled eggs in 5, chili in 20 minutes... it's fabulous. And definitely something I see myself using a lot once baby girl arrives!

I have the 6-quart version and it's worked great for every recipe I've tried so far!

Another "easy button" kitchen item here... Diane Sanfilippo's Balanced Bites Organic Spices!

These are delicious and it's so nice to have them all premade... and to buy spices that are in LARGE containers, meaning they will last more than 3 recipes!

I'm obsessed with the Diner blend on oven fries, Greek blend on chicken, Savory blend on eggs, Coffee BBQ on pulled chicken, Italian on everything... they are super versatile and not only are they used in recipes from Practical Paleo 2nd Edition, Diane is constantly adding new recipes to her website that use them (or you can peruse her Instagram for ideas!)

This book is totally changing my perspective on childbirth.

In high school, I wrote the only thing I feared was child labor... and I meant it. I was terrified of just the thought.

Now that I'm 7+ months pregnant, I started realizing, oh no! This little girl has to get out somehow. I KNEW I had to start educating myself around the subject.. and get some positive thoughts in my head!

This book was recommended to me in several ways, so I ordered it from Amazon and I am SO GLAD I did.

The first half are POSITIVE birth stories [I know, I feel like we never hear these in our culture, but they exist!] and the second half is truly a "guide" to childbirth.

Obviously you can't control what is going to happen... but I feel much more empowered and appreciative of what the female body is capable of. It's truly a miracle!

If you are pregnant, and even if you have given birth before, I HIGHLY recommend this book!

That's it for this month! I hope you are able to enjoy some of my favorites <3 Let me know if you do!

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