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We experience cravings for different reasons, but don't ignore those cravings - they are there for a reason!!

There are 4 root causes of cravings, which is what I hope to explain briefly in this post. I was introduced to this idea through Alexandra Jamieson, author of Women, Food and Desire. This is my take on her version of cravings with some more observations I've made with my clients.

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Then here are the "cliff-notes" for you!


1. Bacterial

  • Overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in our microbiome

  • We are supposed to have bacteria in our guts (in fact we are 9-10x more bacterial cells than human cells!), but an overgrowth causes disruption.

  • Our gut microbiome speaks to our brain through the vagus nerve, so this is why cravings may occur.

  • Bacteria and yeast feed off of sugar and carbohydrates...so when we feed ourselves sugar and carbs with this overgrowth, they gooble them up and send the message "Give me more, give me more!" Often this leads to this "bottomless pit" feeling.

  • These cravings must be dealt with by changing the diet, particularly through an elimination diet. The 21DSD is one way to attack this bacterial overgrowth, but sometimes a longer and more intense program is needed.

2. Nutritional

  • As a society and culture, we are OVERfed and UNDERnourished.

  • Cravings may be your body telling you to EAT because it is missing essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Your body is asking for good fuel...feeding it with processed food or sugar, you will continue to be hungry and unsatisfied.

  • Try to get a variety of proteins, carbs, and fats...if you eat the same thing everyday, your body is just constantly getting the same nutrients. Mix it up!

3. Emotional / Habitual

  • Many diets in our culture fail to acknowledge this aspect of our cravings...we are humans & have human emotions. These can be very tempting to deal with through food.

  • Sadness, pain, suffering, anger, frustration, accomplishment, happiness

  • Food can calm these feelings.

  • We also form emotional connections to our habits - like a habit of sitting down with a bowl of popcorn or ice cream at the end of a long day.

  • These cravings must be handled by conciously making an effort to change habits.

  • My periscope about Gretchen Rubin's Better than Before - 4 Habit Tendencies may help combat these!

4. Physical

  • As humans, and animals, we NEED movement.

  • Our current lifestyle does not satisfy our instinct to move, play, and be active.

  • We need to have fun...if we don't, we find it elsewhere - LIKE FOOD! It likes up the "pleasure" center in our brains whenever we could be doing the same by exercising, or having fun.

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