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My 5 Favorites: February 2016 Edition

New Monday. New Month. New Post!

1. Hydracentials Water Bottle

I feel like my entire life has been spent trying to find the perfect water bottle (okay, that is a bit dramatic). BUT this Hydracentials version has pretty much everything I love - except for hand washing, but hey, I'll give a little. It's stainless steel, meaning it won't leech BPA and other toxins into your water, holds 25 ounces so it's a substainal amount of liquid, double layer keeps away the condensation, and it keeps your beverage cold for hours! But my favorite part? The spout! I have tried using a Hydroflask and a Healthy Human water bottle before this one and I did like them, but I was constantly spilling on myself because of the wide opening. Girl couldn't handle it...so I'm currently digging the Hydracential <3 Especially with my 21-Day Sugar Detox Hangry Monster sticker featured from one of my instagram posts below! Check out my amazon store to get yours.

2. "Hustle, Darling" Notepad

In addition to my Desire Map Planner, which I am LOVING (but I sorta posted about it in November, so I am trying to be original with these shares!), I am using this cute notepad which I refer to as my "Girlboss Organizer." I basically end up using one sheet a day to braindump and then transfer the most important items to my planner. I believe I got mine in a cute shop in Sewickley, PA called Rosewood Boutique, but found an online retailer here.

3. Jackson's Honest Chips

O-M-G. If you have not tried these chips, then you have not lived. I do laugh at having this on my list because my family does seem to have a thing for Lays Potato Chips (which I have not had in years)...but these are ridiculously good and in my mind, they are even better than the "fake kind." Ingredients: organic potatoes, organic coconut oil, sea salt. I love that they are cooked in coconut oil and not the crappy hydrogenated oils that most products are fried in on the market. Why? WELL we answered that on a recent episode of The Ladies Dish Podcast - listen here! I found these at our Whole Foods, but they are available on Amazon - just at a premium, for sure.

4. Oil Diffuser

I have really been itching to learn more about essential oils and my sister-in-law got me an awesome book with some oils for Christmas - perfect gift, right? I joked on a recent podcast episode that I LOVE scents. When I open my car or front door, I enjoy being smacked in the face with a delicious smell...weird, perhaps? As a result, I ALWAYS had candles burning or the plug-ins, but of course, wanted to move to a more natural approach to this concept. I recently got an oil diffuser and we have been using a lemon/lavender mix (which is strange because I usually do not like lavender but like the "calming" effect). I got this one from Amazon but there are so many out there! You do have to purchase the oils separately.

5. Cabin Socks

I know some will giggle reading this because I'm currently living in Orlando, FL but I don't know what I would do without my cabin socks! (It WAS very cold and rainy last week - can't say the same about the 80 degree sunshine today!) I shudder when I think about cold toes, so these help prevent that awful feeling. Since I do stay in the AC majority of the day, these are always keeping my feet (and the rest of me!) warm. Here are some found on Amazon. But I got my pairs as presents and some were available at Dick's Sporting Goods or other sports stores.

Now I'm realizing that I should have just made AMAZON one of my top 5 because I seriously order EVERYTHING from the website!

Well that's it <3 Let me know if you try any of my 5 favorites - I love hearing that too! : )

xo, kate

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