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My Top 10 Real Food Grocery Staples

"Wow, you must eat pretty healthy."

This is usually the comment a cashier will make whenever I'm checking out (if I'm not at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods that is ;P)

I will admit, I see a lot of boxes and bright yellow packaging in other carts :(

It is easy to get into a routine when you buy groceries... for the"good, healthy" groceries, and those that are not-so-much.

The first time you go looking for the healthier options, it may take you a while, but then they become familiar and you can be in and out of the store in no time at all.

You may also hear the advice to "shop the perimeter of the store" and that's precisely what I tend to do for our staples listed here.

You'll notice that I don't include grains or dairy..that's because I personally don't do well with either and follow a more "paleo" approach to eating - but I do like some rice or gluten-free toast now & again!

Fresh fruit & veggies

1. Fresh Fruit

I usually try to pick up 1-2 seasonal fruits. We also typically have bananas on hand since we like to eat them as a pre-workout fuel in the early AM. Depending on season and pricing, I'll buy apples, berries, watermelon, pineapple...whatever is reasonable!

2. Leafy Greens

This is usually a blend of spring mix and arugula, but occasionally I'll make some kale chips or saute spinach for breakfast :) Although many find it strange (A nutritionist that doesn't eat salads?), I don't really make salads at home! I find it annoying and time-consuming to chop so much and it just never tastes fantastic to me. #lazy SO I mostly use my greens as a base in the AM for my eggs, or occasionally I'll throw some in a bowl with protein.

3. Avocados

LOVE my healthy fats - and avocados are my go-to source! We also pick up Wholy Guacamole whenever we are feeling like we want a taco night (which ends up happening almost every week!)

4. Starchy Carbs

Sweet potatoes, yams, butternut squash, spaghetti sqaush, turnips, parsnips...I usually pick up two types of these a week. Since my husband is very active and we have been going to fitness classes together 2x a week, I like using these as a nutritious carb boost.

5. Fermented Foods

Good health starts with a good (diverse) gut! My two favorites are sauerkraut and kombucha - and I really just need to start making these at home because it costs pennies vs the price in the store! I usually go with a bag of sauerkraut and 2 kombucha for the week...sometimes the sauerkraut bag will last me longer than 1 week.

6. Frozen Veggies

I love the convenience of frozen veggies...especially my favorite: Trader Joe's cauliflower rice! (So yummy & easy!!) We also pick up broccoli, green beans, blended varieties - whatever sounds good to me at the time. I love to make stir fry (especially for lunch) and this keeps it interesting. Plus, I don't end up throwing a bunch of rotten veggies away at the end of the week.

7. Grass-fed Beef

No matter what I plan to make for the week, there is usually a day where I don't feel like using a recipe or I don't want to stand over the stove all night. Having some grass-fed beef on hand for burgers, or taco meat, or meatballs/meat sauce is always clutch!

8. Organic Chicken Thighs & Breasts

It is often difficult to find pastured chicken around us, but I always look for organic chicken thighs or breasts. Usually, I will make some type of seasoned chicken thigh (mustard glazed, or balsamic, or garlic-ginger) and I'll use the breasts to make a variation of my shredded crockpot chicken (we like buffalo or BBQ seasonings the most!)

9. Pastured Eggs

This really should be first on our list! We buy 3 dozen pastured eggs a week (and sometimes run out!) We love our eggs!! I've been able to find Vital Farms pastured eggs at our Target, and let me tell you, the egg yolks are the beautiful dark orangey color (vs the light pale yellow that conventional eggs have!) and they are seriously SO tasty.

10. Breakfast Meat

Along with our eggs, we typically have sausage (we like Applegates breakfast pork) or nitrate-free bacon. Just completes that hearty and filling breakfast!


I hope these can help you create your grocery list!

Did I leave any of your staples off? Share below! xo, kate

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Top 10 Real Food Grocery Staples

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