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From Kate's Plate: What I Ate 7.29.16

FRIDAY! It wasn't pretty, but it was my grandma's 80th birthday - which calls for some celebrating!! Aren't they the cutest <3

Pre-Hot Yoga Workout: 8am

Coffee + Banana + Lots of H2O

Late Breakfast/Lunch: 12pm

1 slice Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread + 1/4 avocado with adobo seasoning

Breakfast salad - spring greens, arugula, beets, 1/4 avocado with adobo and EVOO

2 soft-boiled pastured eggs

Snack before Dinner: 4pm

Cucumber + Avocado + Lemon Juice + Sea Salt (about 1/2 cup)

Dinner: 5:30pm at Walnut Grille

1 Riesling ;)

1 Deviled Egg [I wish the bacon woulda been crumbles!]

Bite of Spinach-Artichoke Dip on a Tortilla Chip

Roasted Beet Salad + Salmon with Herb Vinaigrette [I forgot to take a picture before I dove in, but here's what I left!]

Dessert: 9ish pm at my Mom's house!

She made a Pinterest inspired Banana Split Cake...it was pretty tasty! I wish the lighting was better.

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