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Gift Guide for Business Owners (under $100!)

Own a business? Or know someone who owns a business ... or just hustling all the time?! Here are some budget-friendly gift ideas for them :)

Please note: some items in this blog post are affiliate links. It does not cost extra to you but I may get a kick-back. I appreciate you supporting my business!

  1. Business Made Simple - $21.30 - Donald Miller has been a huge influence in how I've run my business and he has so many extremely useful tools out there! There's his Business Made Simple book, Marketing Made Simple book, his podcast (which is free), but if you really want to spoil this person in your life, he has a Business Made Simple course ($275) with tons of courses inside of it - from marketing, communication to mission statement to proposals. It's a goldmine! I have had my membership for several years and I still go back and listen/watch pieces when I'm stuck.

  2. Full Focus Planner - $49.95 - This planner is really structured to help you get s*** done! It helps you to focus on your goals, learn how to prioritize, and keep track of moving forward. I love that it's undated as well, I've put it aside during busy personal life moments and just picked it up again when I'm more focused on my business.

  3. Monthly Wall Calendar - $24.99 - A beautiful acrylic wall calendar can help a busy business owner keep their schedule top of mind. The one linke is magnetic and can be displayed on a fridge.

  4. Coffee Shop Gift Card - Are they constantly going to a coffee shop to work? Grab a gift card so they aren't always footing the bill.

  5. Stanley Cup - $40 - Keep them hydrated and well with the Internet's favorite tumbler!

  6. Nice pens - $20 - You could take this a million ways too. I remember my mentor gifting my her favorite pens and I seriously still use them to this day. A good pen just makes me stinkin' happy... but I also love that these pens are inspirational and fun colors!

  7. Custom Stationary - $18.95 - I love a thoughtful gift, and creating custom stationary (notecards, notepad) with their business information truly shows you care!

  8. Massage Gift Card - Sometimes you just need a good break, and what's better than having some spa time to do so!

  9. Plant for the office - Start mid $30s - Plants make people happy! Just make sure you choose an easy care one if they aren't a plant person (yet!) I love The Sill if you need a place that ships well!

  10. Docking Station - Starts at $26.75 - a docking station is the best way to help them stay organized and charged up! Love how customizable this one is.

BONUS GIFT : Share about their business!

Seriously, the best gift you could really give is, well, more business! Send referrals their way, leave a review on their website, share their business on your social media. It seems so simple, but it's really THE BEST!!!

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