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Gift Guide for Parents (with kids in the house - under $100!)

The pandemic hit parents with kids are home hard... like we need support!! Here are some budget-friendly ways to offer gifts to these people in your life.

Please note: some items in this blog post are affiliate links. It does not cost extra to you but I may get a kick-back. I appreciate you supporting my business!

Gifts for Parents with Kids in the House Under $100

  1. Motherhood Grace Guide - $34 - Shameless plug for my second Grace Guide, the Motherhood Grace Guide: A Journal of Inspiration + Encouragement for Moms! This journal can be used throughout the year to provide support to mothers specifically. There's a combo of light reading, writing, and hearing from "real life moms" throughout the guide. It's the easiest way to let her know you see her and provide extra support.

  2. Good Inside (The Book) - $28.99 - This is the parent's manual everyone says doesn't exist... it does! It does exist! I frequently pick this up to reread sections or to help "reprogram" my default. I would gift this to every parent if I could (and even those who aren't parents - there is so much valuable information!)

  3. Good Inside (The Membership) - $84 to join (3 month membership) - This membership has been another lifesaver for me! Dr. Becky does frequent new workshops and there's a PLETHORA of material for every single topic in parenting. You can give gift cards to the site and I know the giftees will be thanking you profusely!

  4. Coupons for Date Nights - $4.99 - What do parents need? A break and time to connect as a couple outside of mom and dad. Provide the babysitting for the kiddos so they can do just that!

  5. Tickets for a Date Night - $4.99 + Varies - Do the parents have a hard time figuring out what to do? Grab them tickets for a show, a comedian, or maybe even a gift card to their favorite restaurant!

  6. Personalized Keychain - Starts at $12.50 - What a fun way to recognize their very important role. I gifted these to my hubby and parents a couple years ago and everyone is still proudly using them.

  7. Monthly Chatbooks - Starts at $10/mo or grab a gift card - Do the parents LOVE pictures and run around snapping a million photos? The sad part is, many don't ever print these or get hard copies. What a fun idea to get a monthly picture (or even just send a couple in to actually hold in your hand!)

  8. Coffee subscription - Start at $9/mo - Late night bedtimes + early wake times = a caffeine boost most days for these parents (especially of young kiddos!) But lets be honest, a nice cup of coffee is one of life's little pleasures. I've never done a coffee subscription, but many have recommended Atlas Coffee Club which sources it's coffee from around the world and gives you PLENTY of options (coffee type, ground type, etc)

  9. Personalized coffee mug - Starts at $18.99 - Gotta love a personalized mug!! I'd have fun just designing this one.

  10. Weighted Sleep mask - $34 - There are so many types of weighted sleep masks out there, and I've heard amazing things about them! Anything you can do to help that sleep :)

Don't forget to check out my other gift guides - for her, for him, for kids, for stocking stuffers, for business owners, for stocking stuffers!

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