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Gift Guide for Him (All under $100)

Check out this curated budget-friendly list for the special men in your life!

10 gifts for men under $100

  1. Blenders - Start at $37 - I recently visited my friend in San Diego and go to go to the Blenders HQ and they are great people... and who doesn't love polarized, sturdy sunglasses at a reasonable price. I actually replaced my Ray Bans with these beauties and got my hubby a pair for his birthday!

  2. Monthly Calendar for the Office - $30 - I love gifting my husband things I can later update... like this calendar! Grab 12 favorite photos from the year and every year after, just grab a refill! :)

  3. America the Beautiful Pass - $80 - National Park fan? This gets your vehicle into (many of) the parks for free... go to more than 2 parks a year and it's already worth it!

  4. Cordless Screwdriver - $84 - I LOVE this thing. We bought this for a family friend a couple years and I wanted to steal it back! Fantastic for all those around the house projects.

  5. To-Go Coffee Cup - $25 - Everyone loves a Stanley product, and this is a great to-go cup/mug, especially paired with his favorite drink.

  6. Rustic Ring Toss - $53.99 - The guys in my family love playing outdoor games, and we recently stayed at an AirBnB that had a basement just full of arcade-ish games (cornhole, ping pong, basketball, golf, fussball). This would be a great addition that you could totally play inside or outside, with or without kids!

  7. Bluetooth Tracker - Start at $25 - Constantly losing things? Grab a bluetooth Tile and help him keep track of his stuff!

  8. Folding Knife - $21.99 - It's amazing how handy a nice quality pocket knife can be, seriously. You don't realize how much you'd use it until you have it!

  9. Weekender bag - $42.22 - My husband has had his "travel bag" for, hm, over a decade? I love this canvas upgrade with the ability to personalize!

  10. Balanced Bites Spices - $50 for 4 - We are big Balanced Bites spice fans in this house! My husband loves mixing and matching the spices, especially in burgers. We honestly don't have a blend we don't love! Use code KATE10 for 10% off your first order.

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