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My 5 Favorites: November Edition

I woke up...and my phone told me it was November!? Can someone explain to me how this happened??! Sheesh.

You know how you look forward to the first really warm day of summer, or the PSL, or the first holiday movie of the season...that's kinda how I feel about my 5 favorites each month! So fun to think about things that make me so HAPPY and sharing them with all of you <3 I hope you will share them with others too!

Let the November edition begin....

This one kinda has a theme as I look at the photos below...can anyone say GIRL POWER!

1. Heather Rosenhill ... Everything!

I came across Heather Rosenhill on instagram (@heather_rosenhill) and I was instantly hooked on her adorable drawings, quotes, and #girlboss awesomeness. She has a fabulous etsy shop with prints, journals, stationary and more. All I can say is #thecutest. I ordered a coffee journal and it just makes me smile when I see it.

At first I wasn't overly impressed with the selection of Calia fitness gear I saw at our local Dick's Sporting Goods, but the female fitness store I've blogged about before (Chelsea Collective) carries alllllll the pieces I love! Everything I have from her brand fits me very comfortably and it's super cute, so I rock it not only in the gym, but while running errands around town (oh wait, I am that girl that only wears yoga pants & workout tops....but now I at least look a little more presentable <3 ).

Juli Bauer is one of my girl crushes and the babe behind I'm obsessed with her new cookbook, which has fabulous and delicious recipes (as does her website!) She's sassy and overall just a bada$$ chick!

4. Danielle La Porte ... Well, Everything!!

Last week I participated in a 5-day Business Course...which really should be on here because it was fan-freaking-tastic! Our leader introduced me to Danielle La Porte and well, now we can add her to my girl crush list!! After going through her website + having "a-ha" moments as everything spoke right to my soul, I ordered my copy of The Desire Map as well as the planner. Now, I am TRYING to patiently wait for them to arrive!!! But since so many of you are like me, I needed to share now!

5. New Hobbies : Mine's Calligraphy!

I'm a work-aholic....I know it, but I still can't stop. In an effort not to burn myself out, I am trying to add in some new hobbies that I think will give me a new skill that I find useful in my biz and personal life and still spark my creative outlet....SO I decided to learn calligraphy! I'll share some of my mess-ups along the way ;) I ordered an online course from another Instagram account I really like (@simplyjessicamarie). I love to support small female businesses, which is why I chose her program...and it was very reasonably priced.


Share below! Do you own any Calia gear? Have any fun new hobbies you've tried? I'd love to hear from ya!

Thanks for reading + sharing!



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