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My Scale Says WHAT?!

Since my birthday less than 1 month ago...

* My husband and I decided to stay in FL another year

* We visited Tampa and signed a new lease

* We packed from Orlando and moved to Tampa

* I packed to move home to Pittsburgh for 6 weeks

* I drove 15 hours home with the pups

* I sold out my 21-Day Sugar Detox program (by more than 10 spots! These ladies rock!)

* I kicked off my 21-Day Sugar Detox group

* I continued my duties as Content Coordinator for Diane

* We recorded 4+ podcast episodes

And in the next 5 weeks, I...

* Travel to KY for my cousin's wedding

* Travel to PSU for my sister's graduation

* Travel to Chicago for my best friend's bridal shower

* Travel to Austin, TX for a Business Mastermind and Paleo FX

* Travel BACK to Tampa


So here is why this is all relevant to you...because I HATE when people say how busy they are and it's an old, bad habit of mine that does creep in when I get overwhelmed.

I know, we are all busy...and these are GOOD busy things! I'm just trying to make my case ;)

I stepped on my scale this week...and I was 6 pounds heavier than my "set point."

I used to be obsessed with my weight. This used to send me into a tizzy.

Just a few years ago, this would have been another huge stress on my could this happen? How could I restrict and workout more?!

But now, I use it as information.

And the information is I NEED TO CALM DOWN.


My sleep has been pretty sporadic and unrestful.

I haven't been working out, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I haven't been making or thinking about my meals ... and truthfully I've been eating WAY less than normal. Instead of taking time to sit down to a meal, I'll grab a plateful of veggies, saute up some meat or eggs and call it good...while eating it in front of emails or projects.

In fact, I've been getting SUPER bloated after eating...something that used to happen to me all. the. time. in the past. I'm hoping it is just the "state" I'm eating in.

And that's the thing...most people would think the scale shift would happen as a result of eating fast food, or making bad meal choices, or eating too much...but that's really not the case.

It all boils down to one thing...


THAT is why my scale has moved 6 pounds.

All that cortisol and adrenaline and ups and downs.

Noted, body. I need to do a better job. (Especially as someone with a history of adrenal fatigue! Yikes!)

The truth is, what I have going on in my life right now, well, is my life right now. It's how I REACT to it that needs a little fine tuning.

SoO what AM I going to do about it? (And perhaps, you can implement some of these ideas too!)

Scale Says What?

#1. Do the best I can...let go of perfection, let go of expectations. Just do my best.

#2. Drink less coffee and more water. I have probably been using the java as a crutch in the AM to get my brain going from the lack of instead, I'm taking advice from my co-host Joy and drinking 16 oz of water first thing in the AM.

#3. Quiet moments. I've downloaded the "Calm" app and going to start using that as a touchstone when I start to feel out of control during the day.

#4. Lists. They make me feel better. I love crossing items off AND I don't forget anything when it's written down!

#5. Eat without distractions and think of 5 things I'm grateful for before each meal. A healthy digestion is the foundation of our health...and I know it's the first thing to do when I feel like this.

#6. Keep any tempting treats out of the house. I don't necessarily reach for treats when they are around normally (I'm more of a moderator), but in times of stress or sleep deprivation, I find it happens more easily!

#7. Set time to workout OR enjoy some self-care time. Not anything super stressful...a walk, yoga, some light weights. Just to move my body. OR perhaps a manicure or something that makes me feel a little more me. (I started with lash extensions this week - annnd now I'm #obsessed).

#8. Turn my phone to airplane mode early in the evening. I usually do this an hour before bed, but I'm going to try to move that up. Which means my lovely 21DSD group will be getting notifications from me early in the AM :/ BUT they have already been warned.

Ahhhh...having a plan makes me feel better already ;)

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