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The Ladies Dish Podcast #50: Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you find it tough to sustain a healthy lifestyle? The ladies dish on what works for them – which habits to focus on and how knowing whether you are a moderator or abstainer can give you a boost! | Get in touch:

Welcome to the Ladies Dish! IN THIS EPISODE

Updates (1:00): 1. Dana is baby wearing in the Moby wrap. She loves it because it’s super comfortable and stretchy. 2. Joy is still learning the ukulele. And she’s loving the mission of MOMs Organic Market, where she works part time, is to protect and restore the environment (awesome, right?!) Throughout the year MOMs employees are invited to volunteer (paid volunteering – bonus!) with local

The “It” List (4:14) Kate shares her love of Amazon Prime, but especially Amazon Prime Video!

She’s all about tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy where she can invest in the characters. Got any good recommendations for her and the rest of us?

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Listener Question: Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Hey ladies! Love the show and Tuesdays have become my favorite day to drive to work. I have a question about sticking with a healthy lifestyle. It seems I’m very good at doing challenges or reaching goals short-term, but as soon as I reach the goal or the challenge ends, I’m right back to where I started. I’m frustrated and feel stuck. Do you have any tips? I listened to the episode about habits, and I am trying to start there and incorporating more healthy habits, but wondering if there’s more I can do. Thank you! (9:10)

We do think habits are the best place to start…

1. Hydration

a. Episode 36 has tons of info about hydration b. Habit Ideas: Carry a water bottle with you, start each morning with room temp water,

2. Fitness

a. Find something you will stick to and that you genuinely love b. Habit Idea: do your workout first thing in the morning to get set up for a good day or always have multiple workout outfits in the trunk of your car so you can stop at a favorite class on the way home from work.

3. Food

a. choose “Real Foods” – nutrient dense foods that you recognize – like pasture raised eggs/meats, wild caught seafood and all the fruits + veggies b. Meal planning/prep c. Habit Idea: go to the farmer’s market every weekend, make sure there’s something green on every plate, sit down for every meal

4. Sleep

a. SO important for health and just making good choices the next day b. Research says that 1 night of poor sleep sets you up for 24 hours of insulin sensitivity. Not to mention carbs are quick sources of energy so when you are tired and need energy, that’s what your body will crave c. Habit Idea: set a bedtime, put away electronics 1 hour before said bedtime, sleep in a dark room.

5. Stress

a. MUST be a top focus and priority b. Habit Idea: take 5 deep breaths when you feel yourself getting stressed out, take a bubble bath each night, or try journaling

So these are the 5 areas that we think really create a healthy lifestyle: hydration, fitness, food, sleep, stress. Tackle each of these areas and you’ll be on the right path!

Bonus tips:

1. Find a tribe of people in your day-to-day life that will experience on recipes with you or check out that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try!

2. Simplify! By decluttering your physical belongings, you have less to clean and take care of aka less time spent doing those things and/or simply what you’re eating. Go back to the basics to reduce overall stress.

Remember: It’s good to reflect on what made you successful during those challenges.

Was it just that you knew there was an end date? Was it that you prepped foods in advance so that you knew what you had available to eat that day? Was it the community of other people getting involved?

Figuring out where your motivation comes from will help point you in the right direction for future success… but you also have to be in tune with yourself!

A helpful discovery here is whether you are an abstainer or a moderator. Know thyself but also test yourself from time to time – you might change overtime! Find out which you are here!

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Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

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