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10 Tips to Stay Healthy through the Holidays

Below is the content from my Freebie: 10 Tips to Stay Healthy through the Holidays. If you want a printable verison just click here to have it sent to your inbox!

1. Savor what you LOVE, Ditch what you LIKE.

You do not have to indulge in every dish laid on the table - only choose the foods that you absolutely love and ditch the rest! Savor each bite and truly enjoy the meal.

2. Attend Social Gatherings to GATHER, not to Eat.

Make the holiday gathering about the PEOPLE rather than the food. Go to the party to catch up with family that you do not get to see very often - enjoy your company rather than focusing on what food you are piling on your plate next.

3. Politely say NO to Food Pushers.

We all deal with those people that keep insisting we try a certain dish or claim, “But I made this dessert just for you!” Don’t make them feel badly, just politely say, “Thank you for making this for me, I’m so full right now…but can I package some and take it home with me to really enjoy later?”

4. Smuggle Snacks!

Don’t get caught HANGRY while you are out doing your holiday shopping! There are plenty of poor food choices around the mall, but if you keep a healthy snack on you, you can avoid the low sugar dip and making a decision you will not be upset about later!

5. Don’t “Save Up” Calories.

Fasting before a big meal can backfire worse than the idea of taking that 5 AM flight. Low blood sugar increases cortisol, which leads to cravings for fatty, salty, and sugary foods…just in time to make it to that big meal with more than enough dishes to satisfy ALL of those cravings.

6. Nix the Guilt.

It’s only a couple days! It DOES become a problem if you talk negatively to yourself about your choices or continue to indulge for days on end. Enjoy your holiday dinner and wake up with your previous healthy habits the next morning.

7. Trim the Trimmings.

Most holiday food is not that bad…lean protein, roasted veggies, nuts, and more! The unhealthy comes in the form of gravy, cream sauces, and crusts. Stray away from those “add-ons” if you are trying to build the healthiest plate possible.

8. Embrace the Bed Head.

Try to get at least 6 - 9 hours of sleep each night…even through the holiday season. There is really no “catching up” on sleep, so try to stay consistent. Even one night of poor sleep can increase your chance for hanging on to excess body fat.

9. Burn the Bird.

Move! Workout! Sweat! Don’t forget this important piece to the “healthy life puzzle.” Incorporate some feel-good endorphins a couple times a week! It’ll keep you sane.

10. Drink Half your Body Weight in H2O.

Staying hydrated is important. Many people confuse hunger for thirst. If you weigh 140 lbs, make sure you drink 70 ounces of water per day. You can add lemon or ginger to your water for extra detox properties!

BONUS TIP: Plan for 2016

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xo, Kate

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